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World Health Day 2019
Universal Health: Everyone, Everywhere

Strategy for Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage
From Alma-Ata to Universal Health: 40 Years of Images
Strategic line 1 - Expanding equitable access ...
Strategic line 2 - Strengthening intersectoral coordination...
Strategic line 3 - Increasing and improving financing…
Strategic line 4 - Strengthening stewardship…
Universal Health is a great Idea

Universal Health means that all people have access, without any kind of discrimination, to comprehensive quality services, wherever they need them, without facing financial difficulties. It requires the definition and implementation of policies and actions with a multisectoral approach to address the social determinants of health and promote the commitment of the whole society with health and well-being. Universal health is not just about ensuring everyone is covered, but that everyone has access to care when they need it, wherever they are.
This year, World Health Day (WHD) marks the end of the World Health Organization’s 70th anniversary celebrations. In the Region of the Americas, these celebrations have been framed around universal health, under the theme "Universal health: Everyone, Everywhere.” This campaign is focused on equity and solidarity, addressing barriers to access to health and health services, with the goal of improving an understanding of universal health, and promoting actions that contribute to make it a reality.
Source: PAHO/WHO – World Health Day 2019

Expanding equitable access to comprehensive, quality, people and community- centered health services

  • Define a universal set of guaranteed and enforceable benefits and progressive expansion

  • Transform the organization and management of health services

  • Increase immediately the investment in the first level of attention increasing its resolutivity

  • Increase human resources in the first level of attention

  • Ensure the availability and rational use of essential medicines and other health technologies

  • Implement programs for empowerment, including promotion, prevention and education activities

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Strengthening stewardship and governance

  • Develop regulation as an effective instrument to ensure the quality of care, the assurance of essential public health functions and strengthening of governance
  • Develop policies and plans that make explicit and transparent the intention to transform health systems
  • Establish formal mechanisms for participation and social dialogue
  • Consolidate strong and interoperable information systems for decision-making in health and to account for inequities

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3 Increasing and improving financing, with equity and efficiency, and advancing toward the elimination of direct payment that constitutes a barrier to access at the point of service

  • Increase health priority through quality public spending: at least 6% of GDP
  • Eliminate the direct payment at the time of the service and replace it with a joint solidarity fund
  • Increase the quality of spending through policies, interventions and mechanisms aimed at improving the efficiency of financing and the organization of the health systeme

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Strengthening intersectoral coordination to address social determinants of health

  • Establish and / or strengthen intersectoral coordination mechanisms
  • Generate evidence to support inter-institutional actions that impact the health of people and communities
  • Promote universal health coverage in social protection programs, and strengthen the participation of the national authority in the definition of the health-related components of social programs, including conditional cash transfer programs
  • Strengthen the articulation between health and community in the space of the local.

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