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How to search?

On this page, you’ll find tutorials, videos, and courses that facilitate the search of information on the BVS. If you still have doubts or need to validate a search strategy, contact us through the Ask a Librarian service.  

Access and Use of Scientific Information in Health Course 

The course on Access and Use of Scientific Information in Health is an initiative by BIREME. Its goal is to develop skills and competencies, promoting user autonomy in health information retrieval. 

Quick Guide and Tutorial for searching on the VHL 

Quick Guide and Tutorial with instructions on searching the VHL Portal. It includes features of the search interface, Boolean operators, and methodological guidance for constructing an effective search query.  

Quick Videos about search

A series of short videos presenting key resources and tips for information searching on the VHL. 

Retrieving information from the VHL Portal

Tips for searching the VHL

Refining results from the VHL search

Ask a Librarian

Questions about how to search, comments, suggestions, or if you found any errors? We are available and will be happy to assist you.