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Portal Regional da BVS

Portal Regional da BVS

Virtual Health Library (VHL = BVS) – integrated search with LILACS and VHL databases

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Bibliographic index of literature on health sciences, published in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1982. It is a cooperative product of the VHL Network, which currently indexes articles from more than 900 magazine titles from 19 countries of Latin America and Caribbean. LILACS also indexes other types of scientific and technical literature such as theses, monographs, books and book chapters. papers presented at congresses or conferences, reports, government publications and regional international organizations. LILACS is integrated in the search of the Regional VHL. Learn more about LILACS at the LILACS Portal.


Trilingual vocabulary – English, Portuguese and Spanish – that represents the standard terminology used for both indexing and navigating the VHL information sources. DeCS has compatibility with the MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) terminology from U.S. NLM (National Library of Medicine) and the commitment with constant updating and translation to Portuguese and Spanish. DeCS also contains the terminology of areas such as Public Health, Homeopathy, Science and Health, and Health Surveillance.


Directory on scientific events in the health area such as: congresses, seminars, conferences, etc. It primarily includes events that take place in Latin America and the Caribbean Region. Upcoming events are posted on the front page of the VHL.


Health sites catalog selected according to quality criteria and relevant to health systems and services. The content consists of metadata that describes information sources available on the Internet, pointing to the hypertext links. The Health Information Locator (HIL) is integrated into the search of the Regional VHL. Learn more about HIL, please visit the HIL Portal.


Set of VHL search strategies  prepared to support the definition of VHL thematic areas, health promotion campaigns and scientific studies, among other applications.


Portal with information on the titles of scientific magazines of the area of the health, modalities of access and the available collections in the cooperating Libraries of the Collective Catalog SeCS–Serial in Health Sciences. More than 13 thousand registries of indexed national and international magazines in the principal bibliographic indexes of the area of the health are brought together.




Service of search of the VHL with multi-language interface, that recovers in integrated form the content of the sources of information. Offers resources for the refining of the results of search by means of the filters (clusters), search by navigation in the DECS/MeSH, among other resources.


My VHL is a free service that stores information and user preferences to offer customized services. My VHL is available to any user through their Facebook, Google, BIREME Account or through the My VHL service itself. My VHL is also available as an App in the Google and Apple stores.