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Policy on Ethnicity and Health
Strategy and Plan of Action on Ethnicity and Health 2019-2025
Scientific Evidences in the VHL
Plan of Action - People of African Descent in the Americas 2016-2025
Health Plan - Indigenous Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean
Health Plan Afro-Descendant Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean
An ethnic approach to health Online course
Derechos de los pueblos indígenas Plan de acción para todo el sistema

The Region of the Americas is a multi-ethnic multicultural region inhabited by indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, Roma, and other ethnic groups, making it essential to recognize their different health situations and needs

Politicy on ethnicity and health

Ethnicity and health

The invisibility and exclusion experienced by these populations poses a challenge for meeting the targets of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those on universal access to health and universal health coverage, tuberculosis, malaria, and mental health, among others.

Policy formulation

Implementation of actions oriented to the priority lines:

    • the generation of evidence;
    • the promotion of political action;
    • capacity development at all levels.


Documents in the VHL

Social participation, culture and identity


  • social participation and strategic partnerships;
  • recognition of ancestral knowledge and traditional and complementary medicine;
  • strengthening of intercultural health models


Documents in the VHL

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