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PAHO|WHO Gender Equality Policy
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Gender, equity and human rights World Health Organization
Gender, Health, and Development in Americas
Online course: Gender and health Awareness, analysis and action
Gender in the Americas Region
Gender equity in the health workforce analysis of 104 countries

Gender equality in health is a progressive goal to ensure that women and men, in a context of sexual and ethnic diversity, have equal opportunities to access the resources necessary to protect and promote their health.

Strategic Plan of the Pan American Health Organization 2014-2019


Gender equity

It means fairness and justice in the distribution of benefits, power, resources, and responsibilities between women and men.
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Gender and health

Women and men have different needs, access to, and control over resources. These differences should be addressed in a manner that rectifies the imbalance between the sexes.

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Gender policy

It contributes to the achievement of gender equality in health status and health development through research, policies, and programs which give due attention to gender differences in health and its determinants, and actively promotes equality between women and men.

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Violence againt women

It includes physical, sexual and emotional violence by intimate partners, rape and sexual coercion by any perpetrator, trafficking, femicide, and culturally-specific forms such as so called ‘honour killings’, female genital mutilation (FGM), and early and forced marriage.

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