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Experts and gamers join forces to fight COVID-19 via Plague Inc: the Cure game

Coleção: Coronavírus - WHO

Ndemic Creations and WHO are launching a public awareness campaign bringing together gamers and experts to promote actions everyone can take to stay healthy and learn to detect and act upon misinformation. WHO and GOARN experts comment on decisions made by gamers in real-time and compare it with public health management in real-life scenarios. The game also showcases WHO health and safety COVID-19 messaging and prevention tips for players to take offline and use in their daily lives.

Autor(es): World Health Organization Idioma: Inglês Duração: 1 vídeo do youtube (46:58 min): son., color. Publisher: World Health Organization
Assunto(s): Jogos de Vídeo, Infecções por Coronavirus/prevenção & controle, Pneumonia Viral/prevenção & controle, Pandemias/prevenção & controle, Promoção da Saúde, Educação em Saúde, Monitoramento Epidemiológico, Comunicação em Saúde, Organização Mundial da Saúde, Comunicação, COVID-19, Misinformation, Plague Inc
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