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Hansen's disease & One Health approach by Patrícia Deps - iH & JITOHealth

Coleção: Hanseníase

Understanding and quantifying the risk of Hansen’s disease (HD) through zoonotic transmission of M. leprae and M. lepromatosis infection from wild armadillos is important because hunting, handling and consumption of these animals is widespread in communities where HD is endemic, potentially posing a threat to the health of individuals and to HD control in Brazil. A One Health approach of Hansen's disease and the precautionary principle needs to be adopted to protect public health

Autor(es): Equipe Informa Hanseníase. Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo Idioma: Inglês Duração: 15 min
Assunto(s): Hanseníase, Mycobacterium leprae, Info Hansen
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