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Dr Maria Van Kerkhove talks about the importance of individual choices in fighting the pandemic

Coleção: Coronavírus - WHO

"There are lots of things that we want to be doing right now, but they aren't necessarily what we need to be doing right now - please make good choices. There's so much you can do to protect yourself from getting infected and from passing COVID-19 on to others."

Autor(es): World Health Organization Idioma: Inglês Duração: 1 vídeo do youtube (1:11 min): son., color. Publisher: World Health Organization
Assunto(s): Betacoronavirus, Infecções por Coronavirus/prevenção & controle, Infecções por Coronavirus/transmissão, Pneumonia Viral/prevenção & controle, Pneumonia Viral/transmissão, Promoção da Saúde, Quarentena, Máscaras, COVID-19, Kerkhove, Maria Van
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