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Are you a health worker and facing stressful situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Coleção: COVID-19

Health professionals and other front line workers face stressful situations every day. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this is especially true. Here are tips that will help you handle the demands of this crisis to the best of your ability, and that will help safeguard your mental and physical health.

Autor(es): Organización Panamericana de la Salud Idioma: Inglês Duração: 1 vídeo do youtube (2:03 min): son., color. Publisher: Organización Panamericana de la Salud
Assunto(s): Betacoronavirus, Pneumonia Viral/prevenção & controle, Infecções por Coronavirus/prevenção & controle, Pandemias/prevenção & controle, Quarentena/psicologia, Saúde Mental, Isolamento Social/psicologia, Infecções por Coronavirus/epidemiologia, Pessoal de Saúde/psicologia, COVID-19
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