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COVID-19: what happens next is up to us

Coronavírus - WHO

"A year ago, COVID-19 emerged & sparked a pandemic. Life-saving vaccines have been developed. What happens next is up to us. If we don't act together, the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure & the price will be paid with lives & livelihoods in the poorest countries." WHO Director-General Dr Tedros
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Coronavirus Infections/immunology, Pneumonia, Viral/immunology, Pandemics/prevention & control, Health Promotion, Risk Groups, Health Personnel, Immunization Programs/organization & administration, Viral Vaccines/supply & distribution, Betacoronavirus/immunology, COVID-19

COVID-19​ live Q&A with Dr Mike Ryan and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove. Ask WHO​ of 2 December 2020

COVID-19 Q&A Ask WHO live series

#AskWHO​ series: This was the live discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic of 2 December 2020 with Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme, and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO Technical Lead on COVID-19. Questions from the audience were taken.
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Coronavirus Infections/epidemiology, Pneumonia, Viral/epidemiology, Pandemics/prevention & control, Americas/epidemiology, Betacoronavirus/immunology, Coronavirus Infections/prevention & control, Pneumonia, Viral/prevention & control, Viral Vaccines/supply & distribution, Viral Vaccines/immunology, Clinical Trial, Immunization Programs/organization & administration, Social Networking, Health Promotion, Health Personnel, Risk Groups, Social Isolation, Masks, Holidays, Epidemiological Monitoring, Virus Shedding, COVID-19