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11º Congresso Brasileiro de Psico-Oncologia. IV Encontro Internacional de Cuidados Paliativos em Oncologia

Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil
Date: 22/09/2010 - 25/09/2010


Tel/Fax:(55 21)2215-4476

Public Health, Delivery of Health Care, 50230, Health Promotion, Health Services, Medical Oncology, Neoplasms, Caregivers, Ethics, Sexuality, Health Communication, Cure in Homeopathy, Obstacle to the Cure, Burnout, Professional, Patient Care Team, Death, Psychology, Psychotherapeutic Processes, Psychological Techniques, Palliative Care, Life Style, 34661, Genetics, Value of Life, Nutrition for Vulnerable Groups, 52503, Therapeutics, “Psico-Oncologia: Profissão, Ciência e Arte”

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