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Anaesthesia for cardioversion / Frequent hypoxemia and apnea after sedation with midazolam and fentanyl / ACC/AHA/ESC guidelines for the management of patients with supraventricular arrhythmias—executive summary: a report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines, and the European Society of Cardiology Committee for Practice Guidelines (Writing Committee to Develop Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Supraventricular Arrhythmias) / The safety and effectiveness of a nurse led cardioversion service under sedation / Anesthesia for elective cardioversion: a comparison of four anesthetic agents / Sedation for cardioversion in the emergency department: analysis of effectiveness in four protocols / ACC/AHA/ESC guidelines for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation: a report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines and the European Society of Cardiology Committee for Practice Guidelines and Policy Conferences (Committee to Develop Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Atrial Fibrillation) / ACC/AHA/ESC 2006 guidelines for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation--executive summary: a report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Practice Guidelines and the European Society of Cardiology Committee for Practice Guidelines (Writing Committee to Revise the 2001 Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Atrial Fibrillation) / Titration of intravenous anesthetics for cardioversion: a comparison of propofol, methohexital and midazolam / Anaesthesia for cardioversion. A comparison between propofol, thiopentone and midazolam / Cardioversion and the use of sedation / Ambulatory electrical external cardioversion with propofol or etomidate / Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 4.2.5 [updated May 2005] / A comparison of propofol and etomidate for cardioversion / Anaesthesia for cardioversion / Anaesthesia for cardioversion: a comparison of sevoflurane and propofol / The calamity of cardioversion of conscious patients / New method for terminating cardiac arrhythmias / Diazepam or midazolam for external DC cardioversion (the DORM Study) / Role of conscious sedation for external cardioversion / Review Manager (RevMan) [Computer program]. Version 4.2 for Windows / Comparison of monophasic and biphasic shocks for transthoracic cardioversion of atrial fibrillation / Anaesthesia for cardioversion / Anaesthesia for cardioversion: a comparison of propofol and thiopentone / Guidelines for management of patients with ventricular arrhythmias and the prevention of sudden cardiac death: a report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force and the European Society of Cardiology Committee for Practice Guidelines

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Bowel preparation for colonoscopy / Commonly used preparations for colonoscopy: Efficacy, tolerability and safety - A Canadian Association of Gastroenterology position paper / Bowel preparation for colonoscopy / Magnisium citrate with a single dose of sodium phosphate for colonoscopy bowel preparation / The Cochrane Collaboration Open Learning Material, Module 15 / Development of a lavage solution associated with minimal water and electrolyte absorption or secretion / Meta-analysis and cost comparison of polyethylene glycol lavage versus sodium phosphate for colonoscopy preparation / A multicentre, observational study of sodium picosulphate and magnisium citrate as precolonoscopy bowel preparation / The timing of bowel preparation before colonoscopy determines the quality of cleansing and is a significant factor contributing to the detection of flat lesions: A randomized study / Nordic Cochrane Centre Review Manager (Rev Man).5.0 / Impact of bowel preparation on efficiency and cost of colonoscopy / The efficacy and safty of colonoscopy preparation with oral sodium phosphate in elderly patients

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Chinese medicinal herbs for treating diabetic kidney disease / Development and progression of nephropathy in type 2 diabetes: the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS 64) / Novel therapies for diabetic kidney disease / Diabetic nephropathy--a review of the natural history, burden, risk factors and treatment / Chronic kidney disease in US adults with type 2 diabetes: an updated national estimate of prevalence based onKidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) staging / Diabetic nephropathy / Research status on the mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine for prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy / Effect and safety of Tripterygium glycosides for diabetic nephropathy :a Meta-analysis / Checklist Items to be included when reporting a randomized trials / Progression of chronic kidney disease in a multi-ethnic community cohort of patients with diabetes mellitus / Systematic Review of Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy / Diabetic nephropathy: implications for renal and cardiovascular outcomes / Recommendations for reporting randomized controlled trials of herbal interventions: Explanation and elaboration / Clinical evaluation of the effect of daio (rhei rhizoma) on the progression of diabetic nephropathy with overt proteinuria / Diabetic nephropathy: diagnosis, prevention, and treatment / Protective effect of astragaloside IV on kidney of diabetic nephropathyrats / Measuring inconsistency in meta-analyses / Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions Version 5.1.0 [updated March 2011] / Natural history and prognostic factors of diabetic nephropathy in type 2 diabetes / Should BP targets be lower in diabetic patients with microalbuminuria or nephropathy: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials / Clinical Practice Guidelines for Chronic Kidney Disease: Evaluation, Classification, and Stratification (2000 edition) / Meta-analysis of the clinical value of Astragalus membranaceus in diabetic nephropathy / Buyang Huanwu Decoction for diabetes kidney disease: a meta-analysis / Herbal medicines for the management of diabetes / Danshen Injection for Diabetic Nephropathy: A Systematic Review / Research advance in single herb extract in treatment of diabetic nephropathy / Tongxinluo Capsule for Diabetic Kidney Disease:A Systematic Review / Recent advances in diabetic nephropathy / Meta-analysis of Chinese herbal medicine for diabetic kidney diseases / Improving antihypertensive therapy in patients with diabetic nephropathy / The treatment method of "Tonifying kidney and qi, circulating blood" for diabetic kidney diseases: a Systematic review / The stages in diabetic renal disease. With emphasis on the stage of incipient diabetic nephropathy. / KDOQI Clinical Practice Guideline for Diabetes and CKD: 2012 Update / Diabetic nephropathy: how might we prevent, retard, or cope with it? / Influence of reported study design characteristics on intervention effect estimates from randomized, controlled trials / Effect of Liuwei Dihuang pill on erythrocyte aldose reductase activity in early diabetic nephropathy patients / Effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor antagonists on mortality and renal outcomes in diabetic nephropathy: systematic review / Study on effects of Baicalin Bai on the repaired of Injured podocytes in diabetic nephropathy rats / Combined Cordyceps sinensis and angiotension receptor blocker in treatment of diabetic nephropathy: A meta-analysis / Effect of Tetramethylpyrazine on Diabetic Nephropathy:A Systematic Review / Atlas of End-Stage Renal Disease in the United States / Clinical observation on treatment of diabetic nephropathy with compound fructus arctii mixture / Diabetic Kidney Disease in Australia: Current Burden and Future Projections / Randomized trials published in some Chinese journals: how many are randomized? / The efficacy of ACEI or ARB combination with Supplementing Qi Nourishing Yin and Vivifying Blood Flow on Type 2 of incipient Diabetic Nephropathy: A Systematic Review / The efficacy of supplementing Qi, nourishing Yin and promoting blood flow on type-2 incipient diabetic nephropathy: a systematic review / Tripterygium glycosides for early and middle stage diabetic nephropathy: a A Systematic Review / High-risk Diabetic Patients in Medicare Part D Programs: Are They Getting the Recommended ACEI/ARB Therapy? / Racial differences in diabetic nephropathy, cardiovascular disease, and mortality in a national population of veterans / The efficacy of Chinese herbal Medicine Supplementing Qi, Clearing Heat and Activating Blood Circulation in the Management of Urine Protein in Diabetic Nephropathy: A meta-analysis / Liuwei Dihuang formula for treatment of diabetic nephropathy / Efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine for supplementing qi nourishing kidney and dredging collaterals in treatment of diabetic nephropathy: A meta-analysis

Fei Yutong, Yang Hong, Wang Congcong, Tian Xia, Wang Yinghui, Zheng Li, Guo Xiangyu, Ai Yanke, Liu Jian Ping; Adler AI; Stevens RJ; Manley SE; Bilous RW; Cull CA; Holman RR; Alicic RZ; Tuttle KR; Ayodele OE; Alebiosu CO; Salako BL; Bailey RA; Wang Y; Zhu V; Rupnow MF; Bloomgarden ZT; Chai KF; Chen Y; Sheng MX; Dreyer G; Hull S; Mathur R; Chesser A; Yaqoob MM; Fan Ye; Mo Chuanwei; Chen Qun; Xu Zhiwei; Wang Jing; Cai Hua; Sun Zhiqiang; Folan LA; Tuttle KR; Gagnier JJ; Boon H; Rochon P; Moher D; Barnes J; Bombardier C; Goto H; Shimada Y; Tanikawa K; Sato S; Hikiami H; Sekiya N; Gross JL; Canani LH; Azevedo MJ; Caramori ML; Silveiro SP; Zeimanovitz T; Guo WW; Li S; Chen LL; Lu WS; Li YS; Higgins JP; Thompson SG; Deeks JJ; Altman DG; Higgins JPT; Green S (editors); Jude EB; Anderson SG; Cruickshank JK; Srivatsa A; Tentolouris N; Chandrasekaran R; Kaiser T; Florack C; Stephan U; Sawicki PT; K/DOQI; Li MX; Wang WX; Xue J; Gu Y; Lin SY; Li ZS; Li G; Kam A; Wong KH; Zhou X; Omar EA; Alqahtani A; Li KM; Razmovski-Naumovski V; Chan K; Li HF; Cheng SH; Zhao H; Liu WQ; Zhang JD; Long X; Wang F; Huang CQ; Marshall SM; Mei SS; Song EF; Mende CW; Meng DJ; Shu HQ; Mogensen CE; Christensen CK; Vittinghus E; Nicholls K; Savović J; Jones HE; Altman DG; Harris RJ; Jüni P; Pildal J; Als-Nielsen B; Balk EM; Gluud C; Gluud LL; Ioannidis JP; Schulz KF; Beynon R; Welton NJ; Wood L; Moher D; Deeks JJ; Sterne JA; Song XY; Chen Q; Qi XY; Strippoli GFM; Craig M; Deeks JJ; Schena FP; Craig JC; Su N; Zhao P; She YL; Zhou LQ; Du BY; Luo H; Lang JY; Tang L; Feng Z; Chen MX; Tian CJ; Cheng CR; Xiong Y; Ou SQ; Wang HY; Chen YP; White S; Chadban S; Wu TX; Li YP; Bian ZX; Liu GJ; Moher D; Xie HJ; Yan MH; Zhang L; Xiao Y; Zhao XS; Luo R; Xie HJ; Yan MH; Zhang L; Xiao Y; Zhao XS; Luo R; Xie HY; Li QH; He JL; Shan DJ; Shen SJ; Yang Y; Thumula V; Pace PF; Banahan BF; Wilkin NE; Lobb WB; Young BA; Maynard C; Boyko EJ; Zhang Y; Shen W; Hu Q; Huang YL; Ye XF; Zhang L; Liu XS; Liu Zhuangzhu; Zhu DL; Zhang L; Ma KW.
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Antibiotics for Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia in adults / Guidelines for the management of adults with community-acquired pneumonia / Guidelines for the management of adults with hospital-acquired, ventilator-associated, and healthcare-associated pneumonia / Methicillin resistant staphylococci / Comparative activity of linezolid and other new agents against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and teicoplanin-intermediate coagulase-negative staphylococci / Guidelines for the management of community-acquired pneumonia in adults / Canadian guidelines for the initial management of community-acquired pneumonia: an evidence-based update by the Canadian Infectious Diseases Society and the Canadian Thoracic Society / Staphylococcus aureus with reduced susceptibility to vancomycin-United States 1997 / Identifying relevant studies for systematic reviews / Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test / Etiology of severe pneumonia in the very elderly / Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clinical strain with reduced vancomycin susceptibility / Update of practice guidelines for the management of community-acquired pneumonia in immunocompetent adults / Assessing the quality of reports of randomized clinical trials: Is blinding necessary? / Predominant pathogens in hospital infections / A review of in-vitro antibacterial activity of quinupristin/dalfopristin against methicillin-susceptible and -resistant Staphylococcus aureus / Empirical evidence of bias / Predominant pathogens found in the European Prevalance of Infection in Intensive Care Study / Investigating and dealing with publication bias and other biases / Linezolid vs vancomycin: analysis of two double-blind studies of patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus nosocomial pneumonia

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Primary prevention interventions for reducing school violence / School-associated violent deaths in the United States, 1994-1999 / School safety interventions: best practices and programs / Are we missing the forest for the trees? Considering the social context of school violence / Easy targets: violence against children worldwide / Advantages and limitations of metaanalytic regressions of clinical trials data / Violence-related behaviors among high school students - United States, 1991-2003 / School suspension: a study with secondary school students / Tackling violence in schools: A report from the UK / Implementation of an empirically based drug and violence prevention and intervention program in public school settings / Tackling violence in schools. A report from France / Indicators of school crime and safety: 2004. US Departments of Education and Justice / Bullying and symptoms among school-aged children: international comparative cross sectional study in 28 countries / Comparison of two violence prevention curricula for middle school adolescents / Nine critical elements of promising violence prevention programs / Risk and resiliency factors for violence among children and adolescents / Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple graphical test / Editor's introduction / Youth violence prevention, intervention and social policy: An overview / The St. Louis experiment: Effective treatment of antisocial youths in prosocial peer groups / Creating a peaceful school learning environment: the impact of an anti-bullying program on educational attainment in elementary schools / The school in school violence: Definitions and facts / Cost-effective violence prevention through targeted family interventions / Youth risk behavior surveillance - United States, 2003. MMWR Surveillance Summaries / Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 4.2.5 [updated May 2005] / Rape of girls in South Africa / Prevalence of school bullying in Korean middle school students / School bullying and suicidical risk in Korean middle school students / Demographic, intrinsic, and extrinsic factors associated with weapon carrying at school / Children's exposure to community violence: implications for understanding risk and resilience / Fighting and weapon-carrying among seventh-grade students in Massachusetts and Louisiana / Statistical aspects of the analysis of data from retrospective studies of disease / Co-existence in educational centres: Spain's situation / Neighborhood predictors of concealed firearm carrying among children and adolescents / School-based violence prevention programs: systematic review of secondary prevention trials / School-based secondary prevention programmes for preventing violence / Long-term effects of nurse home visitation on children's criminal and antisocial behavior: 15 year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial / A teacher-focused approach to prevent and reduce students' aggressive behavior. The GREAT teacher program / Working together to prevent school violence: the Spanish response / Violent and aggressive behaviors in youth: a mental health and prevention perspective / Neighborhoods and violent crime: a multilevel study of collective efficacy / Empirical evidence of bias. Dimensions of methodological quality associated with estimates of treatment effects in controlled trials / Best practices in reducing school violence / Domestic and school violence among high school students in Jamaica / Relation between witnessing violence and drug use initiation among rural adolescents: parental monitoring and family support as protective factors / Predictors of aggressive behaviors among rural middle school youth / Physical aggression during early childhood: trajectories and predictors / Relation between school bullying during adolescence and subsequent long-term unemployment in adulthood in a Finnish sample / Strategies to keep schools safe / The unconvincing case for school-based conflict resolution programs for adolescents / Best practices for preventing or reducing bullying in schools / The effects of school-based programs on aggressive behavior: a meta-analysis / Violence prevention in schools and other community settings: the pediatrician as initiator, educator, collaborator, and advocate / Peer violence prevention programs in middle and high schools / "He forced me to love him": putting violence on adolescent sexual health agendas

Ehiri John E, Hitchcock Laurel Iverson, Ejere Henry OD, Mytton Julie A; Anderson M; Kaufman J; Simon TR; Barrios L; Paulozzi L; Ryan G; Astor RA; Meyer HA; Benbenishty R; Marachi R; Rosemond M; Baker J; Becker J; Berlin JA; Antman EM; Brener N; Lowry R; Barrios L; Simon T; Eaton D; Costenbader V; Markson S; Cowie H; Jennifer D; Sharp S; Cunningham PB; Henggeler SW; Debarbieux E; Blaya C; Vidal D; Devoe JF; Peter K; Kaufman P; Miller A; Noonan M; Snyder TD; Drug Strategies; Due P; Holstein BE; Lynch J; Diderichsen F; Gabhain SN; Scheidt P; DuRant RH; Treiber F; Getts A; McCloud K; Linder CW; Woods ER; Dusenbury L; Falco M; Lake A; Brannigan R; Bosworth K; Edari R; McManus P; Egger M; Davey-Smith G; Schneider M; Minder C; Elliott DS; Elliott DS; Tolan PH; Feldman RA; Fleiss JL; Fonagy P; Twemlow SW; Vernberg E; Sacco FC; Little TD; Furlong M; Morrison G; Gottfredson GD; Gottfredson DC; Czeh ER; Cantor D; Crosse SB; Hantman I; Greenwood PW; Grunbaum JA; Kann L; Kinchen S; Ross J; Hawkins J; Lowry R; Hedges LV; Olkin I; Henggeler SW; Mihalic SF; Rone L; Thomas C; Timmons-Mitchell J; Higgins JPT; Green S; Howell JC; Editor; Howell JC; Krisberg B; Hawkins JD; Wilson JJ; Jewkes R; Levin J; Mbananga N; Bradshaw D; Kaufman P; Chen X; Choy SP; Ruddy SA; Miller AK; Fleury JK; Kim YS; Koh Y; Leventhal BL; Kim YS; Koh Y; Leventahal BL; Kodjo CM; Auinger P; Ryan SA; Luthar SS; Goldstein A; Malek MK; Chang B; Davis TC; Mantel N; Haenszel W; Martinez JL; Garcia IF; Mendel RA; Molnar BE; Miller MJ; Azrael D; Buka SL; Mytton JA; DiGuiseppi C; Gough D; Taylor R; Logan S; Mytton JA; DiGuiseppi C; Gough D; Taylor R; Logan S; Olds D; Henderson CR; Cole R; Eckenrode J; Kitzman H; Luckey D; Orpinas P; Horne AM; Ortega R; Rio R; Fernandez I; Osofsky HJ; Osofsky JD; Sampson RJ; Raudenbush SW; Earls F; Schulz KF; Chalmers I; Hayes RJ; Altman DG; Sherman LW; Gottfredson DC; MacKenzie DL; Eck J; Reuter P; Bushway SD; Smith A; Kahn J; Borowsky I; Soyibo K; Lee MG; Sullivan TN; Kung EM; Farrell AD; Sutton AJ; Abrams KR; Jones DR; Sheldon TA; Song F; Swaim RC; Henry KL; Kelly K; Thornton TN; Craft CA; Dahlberg LL; Lynch BS; Baer K; Tolan P; Guerra N; Tolan P; Guerra N; Tremblay RE; Nagin DS; Seguin JR; Zoccolillo M; Zelazo PD; Boivin M; Varhama LM; Bjorkqvist K; Volokh A; Snell L; Webster DW; Whitted KS; Dupper DR; Wilson SJ; Lipsey MW; Derzon JH; Wilson-Brewer R; Spivak H; Wilson-Brewer; R; Wood K; Maforah F; Jewkes R.
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Percutaneous vertebroplasty for osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture / EBM Website / Underdiagnosis of vertebral fractures is a worldwide problem: the IMPACT study / Clinical importance of changes in chronic pain intensity measured on an 11-point numerical pain rating scale. / American College of Rheumatology. Preliminary definition of improvement in rheumatoid arthritis / Percutaneous vertebroplasty: history, technique and current perspectives / Evidence on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of vertebroplasty: A review of policy makers' responses / Incidental vertebral fractures discovered with chest radiography in the emergency department: prevalence, recognition, and osteoporosis management in a cohort of elderly patients / The association of radiographically detected vertebral fractures with back pain and function: a prospective study / Vertebral compression fractures in the elderly / Consequences of vertebral deformities in older men and women / Evidence-based Rheumatology / Treatment of painful osteoporotic vertebral fractures with percutaneous vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty

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Topical glyceryl trinitrate for lateral elbow pain / Prevalence, incidence and remission rates of some common rheumatic diseases and syndromes / Succesful treatment of shoulder pain syndrome due to suparspinatus tendinits with transdermal nitroglycerin. A double-blind study / Surgery for lateral elbow pain / Shock wave therapy for lateral elbow pain / EBM website / Tennis elbow - a reappraisal / Sonographic examination of lateral epicondylitis / Acupuncture for lateral elbow pain / Locating and selecting studies. Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions 4.2.5 [updated May 2005]; Section 5 / Development of an upper extremity outcome measure - the DASH (Disabilities of the arm, shoulder, and head) / Modulation of tendon healing by nitric oxide / Topical nitric oxide application in the treatment of chronic extensor tendinosis at the elbow: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial / Topical glyceryl trinitrate treatment of chronic noninsertional Achilles tendinopathy: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial / The use of therapeutic medications for soft-tissue injuries in sports medicine / Topical glyceryl trinitrate application in the treatment of chronic supraspinatus tendinopathy: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial / Corticosteroid injections, physiotherapy, or a wait-and-see policy for lateral epicondylitis: a randomised controlled trial / Corticosteroid injections for lateral epicondylitis: a systematic review / Effectiveness of physiotherapy for lateral epicondylitis: a systematic review

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Continuous renal replacement modalities for acute kidney failure in critically ill patients / Continuous arteriovenous haemodiafiltration in the critically ill: influence on major nutrient balances / Use of continuous haemodiafiltration: an approach to the management of acute renal failure in the critically ill / Acute renal replacement in the intensive care unit: now and tomorrow / Acute renal failure in intensive care units--causes, outcome, and prognostic factors of hospital mortality; a prospective, multicenter study. French Study Group on Acute Renal Failure / History and development of continuous renal replacement techniques / Predictors of mortality and the provision of dialysis in patients with acute tubular necrosis. The Auriculin Anaritide Acute Renal Failure Study Group / A comparison of metabolic control by continuous and intermittent therapies in acute renal failure / Extracorporeal therapy requirements for patients with acute renal failure / Renal failure in the IC: Comparison of the impact of acute renal failure and end-stage renal disease on ICU outcomes / Continuous arteriovenous hemodialysis: a new modality for treatment of acute renal failure / Outcome in children receiving continuous venovenous hemofiltration / Overview of pediatric renal replacement therapy in acute renal failure / Pediatric patients with multi-organ dysfunction syndrome receiving continuous renal replacement therapy / Acute renal failure in the medical intensive care unit: predisposing, complicating factors and outcome / Measuring inconsistency in meta-analyses / Hospital-acquired renal insufficiency: a prospective study / CRRT in the area of cost containment: Is it justified? / A retrospective study of continuous renal replacement therapy versus intermittent hemodialysis in severe acute renal failure / Diffusive vs. convective therapy: Effects on mediators of inflammation in patients with severe systemic inflammatory response syndrome / Continuous versus intermittent renal replacement therapy: a meta-analysis / APACHE II: A severity of disease classification system / The APACHE III prognostic system. Risk prediction of hospital mortality for critically ill hospitalized adults / Arteriovenous haemofiltration: a new and simple method for treatment of over-hydrated patients resistant to diuretics / The place of intermittent hemodialysis in the treatment of acute renal failure in the ICU patient. / A new simplified Acute Physiology Score (SAPS II) Based on a European/North American multicenter study / The effect of acute renal failure on mortality. A cohort analysis / Prognosis of acute tubular necrosis: an extended prospectively contrasted study / The spectrum of acute renal failure in the intensive care unit compared with that seen in other settings / Acute dialysis quality initiative. 2nd international consensus conference / Prognosis of critically ill patients with acute renal failure / Cost of acute renal failure requiring dialysis in the intensive care unit: clinical and resource implications of renal recovery / Acute renal failure after coronary intervention: incidence, risk factors and relationship to mortality / Current status of renal replacement therapy for acute renal failure / A randomized clinical trial of continuous versus intermittent dialysis for acute renal failure / Refining predictive models in critically ill patients with acute renal failure / Renal replacement therapy for acute renal failure / Hospital-acquired renal insufficiency / Slow continuous ultrafiltration in hemodialysis resistant oliguric acute renal failure patients / Arterio-venous hemodiafiltration (A-V HDF): a possible way to increase urea removal during C.A.V.H / Effects of different doses in continuous veno-venous haemofiltration on outcomes of acute renal failure: a prospective randomised trial / A pilot study of coupled plasma filtration with adsorption in septic shock / Transport characteristics of the slow therapies: implications for achieving adequacy of dialysis in acute renal failure / Outcome studies of continuous renal replacement therapy in the intensive care unit / Acute dialysis quality initiative. 2nd international consensus conference / Determinants of survival in pediatric continuous hemofiltration / Acute renal failure in neonates: incidence, etiology and outcome / Acute renal failure / Acute renal failure in the intensive care unit. A systematic review of the impact of dialytic modality on mortality and renal recovery / Continuous renal replacement therapy for critically ill patients: an update / The role of dialyzer biocompatibility in acute renal failure / Use of the SOFA score to assess the incidence of organ dysfunction/failure in intensive care units: results of a multicenter, prospective study. Working group on "sepsis-related problems" of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine / Acute kidney failure: a pediatric experience over 20 years

Fayad Alicia I, Buamscha Daniel G, Ciapponi Agustín, Rodriguez Palacios Alvaro; Bellomo R; Martin H; Parkin G; Love J; Kearly Y; Boyce N; Bellomo R; Parkin G; Love J; Boyce N; Bellomo R; Mehta R; Brivet FG; Kleinknecht DJ; Loirat P; Landais PJ; Buchardi H; Chertow GM; Lazarus JM; Paganini EP; Allgren RL; Lafayette RA; Sayegh MH; Clark WR; Mueller BA; Alaka KJ; Macias WL; Clark WR; Mueller BA; Kraus MA; Macias WL; Clermont G; Acker CG; Angus DC; Sirio CA; Pinsky MR; Johnson JP; Geronemus R; Schneider N; Goldstein SL; Currier H; Graf JM; Cosio CC; Brewer ED; Sachdeva R; Goldstein SL; Goldstein SL; Somers MJ; Baum MA; Symons JM; Brophy PD; Blowey D; Groeneveld AB; Tran DD; Meulen J; Nauta JJ; Thijs LG; Higgins JPT; Thompson SG; Deeks JJ; Altman DG; Hou SH; Bushinsky DA; Wish JB; Cohen JJ; Harrington JT; Hoyt D; Ji D; Gong D; Xie H; Xu B; Liu Y; Li L; Kellum JA; Johnson JP; Kramer D; Palevsky P; Brady JJ; Pinsky MR; Kellum JA; Angus DC; Johnson JP; Leblanc M; Griffin M; Ramakrishnan N; Knaus WA; Draper EA; Wagner DP; Zimmerman JE; Knaus WA; Wagner DP; Draper EA; Zimmerman JE; Bergner M; Bastos PG; Kramer P; Wigger W; Rieger J; Matthaei D; Scheler F; Lameire N; Biesen W; Vanholder R; Colardijn F; Gall J; Lemeshow S; Saulnier F; Levy EM; Viscoli CM; Horwitz RI; Liano F; Gallego A; Pascual J; Garcia-Martin F; Teruel JL; Marcen R; Liano F; Junco E; Pascual J; Madero R; Verde E; Lombardi R; Maher ER; Robinson KN; Scoble JE; Farrimond JG; Browne DR; Sweny P; Manns B; Doig CJ; Lee H; Dean S; Tonelli M; Johnson D; McCullough PA; Wolyn R; Rocher LL; Levin RN; O'Neill WW; Mehta RL; Letteri JM; Mehta RL; McDonald B; Gabbai FB; Pahl M; Pascual MT; Farkas A; Mehta RL; Pascual MT; Gruta CG; Zhuang S; Chertow GM; Murray P; Hall J; Nash K; Hafeez A; Hou S; Paganini EP; O'Hara P; Nakamoto S; Ronco C; Ronco C; Bellomo R; Homel P; Brendolan A; Dan M; Piccinni P; Ronco C; Brendolan A; Lonnemann G; Bellomo R; Piccinni P; Digito A; Sigler MH; Silvester W; Skippen P; Smoyer WE; McAdams C; Kaplan BS; Sherbotie JR; Stapleton FB; Jones DP; Green RS; Thadhani R; Pascual M; Bonventre JV; Tonelli M; Manns B; Feller-Kopman D; Bommel EF; Leunissen KM; Weimar W; Vanholder R; Vriese A; Lamiere N; Vincent JL; Mendonca A; Cantraine F; Moreno R; Takala J; Suter PM; Williams DM; Sreedhar SS; Mickell JJ; Chan JC.
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Resultados 1 - 10 de 2.741