Systematic Review of Cystic Fibrosis

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This search strategy aims to retrieve Reviews, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses about Cystic Fibrosis

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Revisão Sistemática; Sistematic Review; Fibrose Císitca; Cystic Fibrosis

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(mh:("Systematic Reviews as Topic" OR "Meta-Analysis as Topic") OR pt:("systematic review" OR "meta-analysis") OR ti:("systematic review" OR "revisao sistematica" OR "revision sistematica" OR "systematic literature review" OR "systematic literature review" OR "systematic narrative review" OR "systematic qualitative review" OR "systematic evidence review" OR "systematic quantitative review" OR "systematic meta-review" OR "systematic critical review" OR "systematic mixed studies review" OR "systematic mixed methods" OR "systematic mapping review" OR "systematic cochrane review" OR "scoping review" OR "integrative review" OR "integrative literature review" OR "umbrella review" OR "rapid review" OR "meta-analysis" OR "meta-analise" OR metaanalise OR metanalise OR metaanalisis OR "meta-synthesis" OR "Metassintese") OR ab:("this systematic review" OR "esta revisao sistematica" OR "esta revision sistematica" OR "this meta-analysis" OR "esta meta-analise" OR "esta metaanalise" OR "esta metanalise" OR "esta metaanalisis" OR "this meta-synthesis" OR "esta metassintese") OR ta:"Cochrane Database Syst Rev") AND (mh:"fibrose cística" OR tw:("Cystic Fibrosis" OR "Fibrosis Quística" OR "fibrose cística"))

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Search strategy
("Meta-Analysis"[Publication Type] OR "Meta-Analysis as Topic"[MeSH Terms] OR "Systematic Review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Meta-Analysis"[Title/Abstract] OR "Scoping review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic narrative review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic qualitative review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic evidence review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic quantitative review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic meta-review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic critical review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic mixed studies review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic mixed methods"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic cochrane review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Integrative review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Systematic integrative review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Umbrella review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Rapid review"[Title/Abstract] OR "Meta-synthesis"[Title/Abstract]) AND ("Cystic Fibrosis"[MeSH Terms] OR "Cystic Fibrosis"[Title/Abstract])

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