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Evidence map search strategy Clinical Effectiveness of Mind and Body Practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Tai Ji; Tai-Chi; Tai-Chi-Chuan; Xiang Gong; Jian Gong

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(ti:("lian gong" OR taiji OR "tai ji" OR "tai-ji" OR "tai-chi" OR "tai-chi-chuan" OR "tai chi quan" OR taijiquan OR "iqi gong" OR "xiang gong" OR "dao yin bao" OR "jian gong" OR "tai chi pai lin" OR "tai ji qi gong" OR qigong OR "chi kung" OR kunye OR "lien ch'i") OR mj:"tai ji" OR mj:qigong)

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Search strategy
("lian gong"[ti] OR taiji[ti] OR "tai ji"[ti] OR "tai-ji"[ti] OR "tai-chi"[ti] OR "tai-chi-chuan"[ti] OR "tai chi quan"[ti] OR taijiquan[ti] OR "iqi gong"[ti] OR "xiang gong"[ti] OR "dao yin bao"[ti] OR "jian gong"[ti] OR "tai chi pai lin"[ti] OR "tai ji qi gong"[ti] OR qigong[ti] OR "chi kung"[ti] OR kunye[ti] OR "lien ch'i"[ti] OR "tai ji"[mj] OR qigong[mj])

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Search strategy
('lian gong':ti OR taiji:ti OR 'tai ji':ti OR 'tai-ji':ti OR 'tai-chi':ti OR 'tai-chi-chuan':ti OR 'tai chi quan':ti OR taijiquan:ti OR 'iqi gong':ti OR 'xiang gong':ti OR 'dao yin bao':ti OR 'jian gong':ti OR 'tai chi pai lin':ti OR 'tai ji qi gong':ti OR qigong:ti OR 'chi kung':ti OR kunye:ti OR 'lien chi':ti OR 'tai ji'/exp OR 'qigong'/exp) AND [embase]/lim NOT ([embase]/lim AND [medline]/lim) AND ('meta analysis' OR 'systematic review')

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Mind and Body Practices

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