Low and Middle Income Country (LMIC) Filters

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These filters were developed in the World Health Organization Library to be used primarily when searching for systematic reviews for a specific country or a combination of countries based on the World Bank (WB) yearly updated Country Classification.

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"VHL Regional Portal"

Search strategy
iAHx search strategy

Search strategy (Pubmed)

The filters have been built using the following format:

- Country names in the [TW] field, truncated to search for plural, adjective & possessive forms
- Country name (truncated) in [TT] field for translated titles
- Country name (truncated) in [AD] field for author addresses
- Older/newer versions of country names were searched and included
- Regions and provincial terms were added in [TW] fields
- At least 20 city names were included in [TW] fields
- Previously or currently indexed NCBI journals were added using [Journal] or [IS].
The terms were checked for double meanings. Terms that overlapped with common author names or common acronyms were removed. If the terms were overlapping with that of another region, it was considered. None of these filters have been validated.

Search strategy
Please see link for series of country filters: WHO LMIC Country Filters

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Low and Middle Income Country (LMIC) Filters

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