Identify the risk factors that contribute to the problem of health

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Option of the first trail of the EVID@Easy tool that includes the search of information to understanding and clarifying the problem of health

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Risk Factors, Fator de Risco, Fator de Risco

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Portal Regional de la BVS

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iAHx search strategy
(mh:"Risk Factors" OR mh:risk OR mh:"Risk Assessment" OR mh:"Logistic Models" OR mh:"Modelos Estadísticos" OR ti:(risk OR risco OR riesgo OR predict* OR preditiv* OR "Medicion de Riesgo" OR "Medicao de Risco" OR "Logistic Models" OR "Modelos Logisticos" OR "Statistical models" OR "Modelos Estadisticos" OR "Modelos Estatisticos"))

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