Public Health Engineering

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Filter developed for the thematic area of FUNASA BVS Environmental Health and Public Health Engineering -

Main subjects
Engenharia Sanitária; Sanitary Engineering; Engenharia de Saúde Pública; Public Health Engineering; Engenharia de Dutos; Duct Engineering

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Biblioteca Virtual de Saúde Ambiental e Engenharia de Saúde Pública

Search strategy
N06.850.780.200.800.800 = Engenharia Sanitária

iAHx search strategy
((mj:N06.850.780.200.800.800* (Engineering OR Ingeniería OR Engenharia OR planeamiento OR planejamento OR plannig OR environment* OR ambiental OR "meio ambiente" OR sanitation OR saniamiento OR saneamento OR sanitary OR sanitaria OR FUNASA)) OR "Sanitary Engineering" OR "Ingeniería Sanitaria" OR "Engenharia Sanitária" OR Plumbing OR Plomberie OR Plomería OR "Engenharia de Dutos" OR "Engenharia de Saúde Pública" OR Fontaneria OR "Fontanería y Saneamiento" OR "Ingeniería de Ductos" OR "Ingeniería de Salud Pública" OR "Ingeniería de Saneamiento")

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