COVID-19 – Substance abuse

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Topic of the Overview of the Region of the Americas in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic available on the Health in the Americas portal of the Pan American Health Organization at (

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Illicit Drugs; Drogas Ilícitas; Covid-19; Transtornos Relacionados ao Uso de Substâncias; Substance Abuse

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F03.900 = Transtornos Relacionados ao Uso de Substâncias

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((mh:"covid-19" OR mh:"sars-cov-2" OR "New Coronavirus" OR "Novel Coronavirus" OR "Nuevo Coronavirus" OR "Novo Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus disease" OR "Enfermedad por Coronavirus" OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2" OR (2019-ncov) OR (ncov 2019) OR 2019ncov OR covid19 OR (covid-19) OR covid2019 OR (covid-2019) OR (covid 2019) OR srag-cov-2 OR sars-cov-2 OR sars2 OR (sars 2) OR (sars cov 2) OR cov19 OR cov2019 OR Coronavirus* OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infections" OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infection" OR "Coronavirus 2" OR "acute respiratory disease" OR mh:Betacoronavirus OR mh:"Coronavirus infections" OR mh:"sars virus" OR (Wuhan market virus) OR (virus mercado Wuhan) OR "Wuhan Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus de Wuhan") AND da:(2019* OR 202*)) AND ((mh:F03.900* OR mh:Alcoolismo OR mh:"Consumo de Bebidas Alcoolicas" OR mh:"usuarios de drogas" OR mh:"Abuso de Maconha" OR mh:"Substance-Related Disorders" OR mh:"Substance Abuse Detection" OR mh:"Alcoholic Intoxication") OR ((abuse OR abuso OR consumo OR disorder* OR intoxica*) AND ("Bebidas Alcoolicas" OR Canabidiol OR Anfetamina OR "Uso da Maconha" OR "Fumar Maconha" OR "Psychotropic Drugs" OR "Illicit Drugs" OR mh:"cocaina crack" OR "Street Drugs" OR "Drogas Ilícitas" OR Ethanol OR ti:(alcool* OR alcohol* OR drink* OR drunk* OR bebida* OR drug* OR droga* OR cannabi* OR canabi* OR Haxixe OR maconha OR Marijuana OR Hashish OR Marihuana OR Hachís OR amphetamin* OR Anfetamin* OR Desoxinorefedrin* OR Fenopromin* OR Levoanfetamin* OR Amfetamin* OR Levoamphetamin* OR Mydrial OR Phenamin* OR Phenopromin* OR Thyramin* OR cocain* OR crack))))

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