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Child and adolescent health

Research in the area of ​​child and adolescent health in the context of nursing. Health care for children and adolescents involves the development of actions aimed at disease prevention, health promotion and curative and rehabilitation care. Includes health counseling and education activities, identification of at-risk groups, and monitoring of growth and development from birth to adolescence.

Women’s Health

Nursing and Women's Health Research. Nursing care for women's health involves addressing their rights, autonomy, empowerment, health promotion and comprehensive care.

Occupational Health

Research on occupational health and worker safety conducted in the context of Nursing

Collective Health

Collective Health Research in the context of Nursing. Through interdisciplinary arrangements, aims to know about the dynamics of the health-disease process in the structural, subjective, social and biological dimensions of a population to build intervention projects based on instruments and epidemiological, nutritional and sociodemographic profiles of a given territory, produce positive impacts on public health and well-being. Collective health identifies with a broader conception of health and allows different perspectives and listening on the health problems of populations in order to offer unique care to reach the maximum level of health.

Mental Health

Mental Health Research in the context of Nursing

Nursing Management

Research in the context of NURSING MANAGEMENT. The theme involves the organization of care at different levels, macro, meso and micromanagement, including care for the person, families or communities. The processes of planning, organization, management and evaluation in nursing services are included; as well as managing the care of problems or needs at any level of healthcare

Nursing Education

The research contemplates the elements of the teaching-learning process with regard to the subjects (teachers and students), means (instruments, strategies and educational technologies), spaces, purposes (vocational education, continuing and continuing education, training) and theoretical approaches. It discusses the different ways of teaching and learning guided by the conceptions and pedagogical models of nursing education.

History of Nursing

Thematic research on the history of nursing. Studies that deal with the retrospective and perspective of nursing and care in the national and international political, cultural, educational and social scenario. It includes activities related to teaching, research and extension, management, administration and management aimed at rescuing written documentation, iconographic sources and material and immaterial culture related to the institutions and care practices that guided the practice of nursing; to knowledge and analysis of the trajectory of Nursing knowledge production articulated to Brazilian and international health, as well as the characters and their experiences in the construction of knowledge and practices of Nursing history