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anguilla; aruba; antigua and barbuda; argentina; bahamas; barbados; belize; bermuda; bolivia; brazil; cayman islands; chile; colombia; costa rica; cuba; dominica; dominican republic; el salvador; ecuador; guadeloupe; guatemala; grenada; guyana; french guyana; haiti; honduras; jamaica; martinique; montserrat; mexico; netherland antilles; nicaragua; panama; paraguay; paraguai; peru; puerto rico; saint lucia; saint kitts and nevis; saint vincent and the grenadines; suriname; trinidad and tobago; turks and caicos; uruguay; venezuela; west indies

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Affiliation country - LA&C

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(afp:"anguilla" or afp:"aruba" or afp:"antigua and barbuda" or afp:"argentina" or afp:"bahamas" or afp:"barbados" or afp:"belize" or afp:"bermuda" or afp:"bolivia" or afp:"brazil" or afp:"cayman islands" or afp:"chile" or afp:"colombia" or afp:"costa rica" or afp:"cuba" or afp:"dominica" or afp:"dominican republic" or afp:"el salvador" or afp:"ecuador" or afp:"guadeloupe" or afp:"guatemala" or afp:"grenada" or afp:"guyana" or afp:"french guyana" or afp:"haiti" or afp:"honduras" or afp:"jamaica" or afp:"martinique" or afp:"montserrat" or afp:"mexico" or afp:"netherland antilles" or afp:"nicaragua" or afp:"panama" or afp:"paraguay" or afp:"paraguai" or afp:"peru" or afp:"puerto rico" or afp:"saint lucia" or afp:"saint kitts and nevis" or afp:"saint vincent and the grenadines" or afp:"suriname" or afp:"trinidad and tobago" or afp:"turks and caicos" or afp:"uruguay" or afp:"venezuela" or afp:"west indies")

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