Outbreak of Yellow Fever

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Scientific information about Outbreak of Yellow Fever

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Febre Amarela; Fiebre Amarilla; Yellow Fever

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Epidemia; epidemic; surto; outbreak; brote

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Febre Amarela   Fiebre Amarilla   Yellow Fever 

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2000 and up

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((ti:("febre amarela" or "yellow fever" or "fiebre amarilla" or "fievre jaune" or YFV or ((yellow and fever$) and "yellow fever")) or mh:"Febre amarela" or mh:"virus da Febre Amarela") or (ti:(virus or flavivirus$ or vetor or aedes or strain or cepa or mosquit$ or urban$) and ("febre amarela" or "yellow fever" or "fiebre amarilla" or "fievre jaune" or YFV))) and (da:20$) and (ti:(spread or reemergencia or "re-emergence" or outbreak$ or Brotes or Brote or Surto$ or epizootic$ or epidemia$ or epidemic$) and not ti:(transmission or transmit$))

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Outbreak of Yellow Fever

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 Surto de Febre Amarela
 Brote de Fiebre Amarilla
 Outbreak of Yellow Fever
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 Doenças Infecciosas e Parasitárias
 Doenças Infecciosas e Parasitárias

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