ODS3 -Meta3.D: Strengthen the capacity for early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks: technological hazards

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Filter for Goal 3.D: Strengthen the capacity for early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks included in Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3) - Health and Well-Being

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Disaster Management; Gestão de Desastres; technological hazards; riscos tecnológicos

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(mh:("Disaster Management" OR "Disaster Recovery" OR "Disaster Response" OR "Disaster Risk Reduction" OR "Disaster Emergencies" OR "Disaster Evaluation" OR "Disaster Planning" OR "Disaster Sanitation" OR "Health Effects of Disasters" OR "Human Resources in Disasters" OR "International Assistance in Disaster" OR "Surge Capacity" OR "Disaster Mitigation" OR "Disaster Preparedness" OR "Disaster Prevention" OR "Disaster Operations" OR "Disaster Warning" OR "Disaster Recovery" OR "Post Disaster Reconstruction" OR "Disaster Legislation" OR "Disaster Medicine" OR "Emergency Operations Center" OR "Emergency Plans") OR ((mh:(Emergencies OR Disasters) OR ti:(Catastrophe* OR Disaster* OR Emergenc* OR Catastrof* OR Desastre* OR Cataclysm* OR Calamidade* OR Catastrof*)) AND (mh:("Governance Plans" OR "Policies Plans" OR "Legislation Plans") OR ti:(Mitigation OR Preparedness OR Response OR Recovery OR Rescue OR Evacuation OR monitoring OR assessment OR detección OR gestión OR mitigación OR detection OR management OR mitigacao OR monitoramento OR Triage))) OR ("emergency preparedness" OR "Legislacao sobre Desastres" OR "Medicina de Desastres" OR "centros de operaciones de emergencia" OR "emergency operation centers" OR "emergency operations centers" OR "Rapid Response" OR "Respuesta Rápida" OR "Respostas Rápidas" OR "resposta rapida" OR "Emergency Shelter" OR "Emergency Plans" OR "Planes de Emergencia" OR "Planos de Emergência" OR "Centro de Operações de Emergência" OR "services for emergencies" OR "emergency services" OR "emergency response" OR "human resources for emergencies" OR "disaster drills" OR "emergency plan" OR "Disaster risk management" OR "Disaster risk reduction" OR "Disaster risk information" OR "Disaster risk governance" OR "Disaster risk assessment" OR "Disaster management" OR "Disaster loss database" OR "Division of Emergency Preparedness" OR "WHO Health Emergency Programme" OR "disaster response" OR "disaster recovery" OR "Disaster Assistance" OR "International Assistance in Disaster" OR "Provision Emergency" OR "Socorro em Desastres" OR "Extensive disaster risk" OR "Emergency Service" OR "Emergency Feeding" OR "Socorro Alimentar" OR "trabalho de resgate" OR "Defesa Civil" OR "comunicacion de riesgos" OR "comunicacao de riscos" OR "hospitales seguros" OR "warning systems" OR "risk communication" OR "safe hospitals" OR "Sistemas de Alerta" OR "Early Warning" OR "Alerta Temprana" OR "Alerta Rápido" OR "reducción de riesgos" OR "sistemas de alerta" OR "sistemas de alerta" OR "Reducao do Dano" OR "preparedness plans" OR "strengthening of core capacities" OR "Assessments of risks" OR "Risk communications" OR "Health Security Preparedness" OR "International Health Regulations" OR "Repairing Vital Services" OR "Repairing Essential Services" OR "Relief Work" OR "Sistemas de Socorro" OR "Humanitarian Action" OR "Humanitarian Assistance" OR "Humanitarian Assistances" OR "response and recovery" OR "Coordination mechanisms" OR "contingency funding" OR "Logistics mechanisms" OR "essential supplies" OR "communication plan" OR "Contingency planning" OR "Critical infrastructure" OR "Country Capacity" OR "Assessment and Planning Group" OR "Provision Food and Water" OR "Prevention of Disease and Disability" OR "Rebuilding Infrastructure" OR "Protection of Health Personnel" OR "Imported Health Care" OR "Food Relief" OR "Harm Reduction" OR "Rescue Work" OR "Damage Assessment" OR "Risk Assessment" OR "Risk Management")) AND ("Industrial Pollution" OR "Industrial Waste" OR "Air Pollutants" OR "Water Pollutants, Chemical" OR "Water Pollutants" OR "Poluentes Ocupacionais do Ar" OR "Contaminantes Ocupacionales del Aire" OR "Chemical Water Pollutants" OR "Poluentes da Água" OR "Poluentes Químicos" OR "Contaminantes Químicos" OR "Fontes de Contaminação da Água" OR "Fuentes de Contaminación del Agua" OR "Contaminantes del Agua" OR "Water Pollution, Radioactive" OR "Radioactive Water" OR "Poluição do Solo" OR "Soil Contamination" OR "Soil Pollution" OR "Contaminación del Suelo" OR "Contaminación Industrial" OR "Poluição Industrial" OR "Air Pollutants, Occupational" OR "Occupational Air Pollutants" OR "Technological Disasters" OR "Industrial Disaster" OR "Explosions" OR "Nuclear Explosions" OR "Fire Chain Reaction" OR "Wildfires" OR "Industrial Fires" OR "Urban Fires" OR "nuclear radiation" OR "Dam Failure" OR "chemical spills" OR "Toxic waste" OR "technological hazards" OR "Lead Poisoning" OR "Mercury Poisoning" OR "Lead Poisoning" OR "Mercury Poisoning" OR "Intoxicação por Chumbo" OR "Intoxicação por Mercúrio" OR "Poluentes Atmosféricos" OR "Contaminantes Ambientais do Ar" OR "Contaminantes Atmosféricos" OR "Contaminantes Atmosféricos Ambientais" OR "Contaminantes Atmosféricos do Ambiente" OR "Contaminantes Atmosféricos no Ambiente" OR "Contaminantes do Ar" OR "Contaminantes do Ar Ambiental" OR "Contaminantes do Ar do Ambiente" OR "Contaminantes do Ar no Ambiente" OR "Fontes de Contaminação Atmosférica" OR "Fontes de Contaminação do Ar" OR "Fontes de Poluição Atmosférica" OR "Fontes de Poluição do Ar" OR "Poluentes Ambientais do Ar" OR "Poluentes Atmosféricos Ambientais" OR "Poluentes Atmosféricos do Meio Ambiente" OR "Poluentes do Ar" OR "Contaminantes Ambientales del Aire" OR "Contaminantes Atmosféricos Ambientales" OR "Contaminantes del Aire" OR "Fuentes de Contaminación Atmosférica" OR "Fuentes de Contaminación del Aire" OR "Air Pollutants, Environmental" OR "Environmental Air Pollutants" OR "Radioactive Air Pollutants" OR "Poluentes Radioativos" OR "Pollutants, Radioactive Air" OR "Contaminantes Radiactivos" OR "Contaminantes Radioativos" OR "Contaminantes Radioactivos")

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