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Thematic filter to VHL TCIM Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines, considering the area of Therapeutic Methods and Therapies

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Masoterapia; Masotherapy; Massagem; Masaje; Massage, Massoterapia

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MT3 =  Complementary Therapeutic Methods   E02.190 = Complementary Therapies

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(mh:"Massage" OR mh:"Shantala" OR mh:"Tui Na" OR (Massagem OR Masaje OR Massage OR Massagista* OR Massoterapia OR "Terapia de Área Reflexa" OR "Áreas Cutâneas de Terapia" OR "terapia de zona" OR "Massage Therapies" OR "Massage Therapy" OR "Zone Therapies" OR "Zone Therapy" OR Shantala OR "Tui Na" OR Tuiná) AND (mj:"/therapeutic use" OR mh:MT3.* OR mh:E02.190* OR ti:(treating OR treatment OR "clinical use" OR "medicinal use" OR "clinical application" OR therapy OR therapies OR therapeut* OR "therapeutic use" OR "uso terapeutico" OR terapia* OR terapeutic* OR tratamento*)))

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iAHx search strategy
(MH:Masaje OR Massoterapia OR Masoterapia OR Rolfing OR Reflexology OR Réflexologie OR Reflexologia OR ((Massage* OR Masaje) ("cranio-sacral" OR Craniosacral OR "cranio-sacral" OR therap* OR terap* OR treatment* OR tratamento)))

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