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Thematic filter to VHL TCIM Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines, considering the area of Therapeutic Methods and Therapies

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Kinesiologia; Kinesiología; Kinesiology; Quinesiología; Cinesiologia

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MT3 =  Complementary Therapeutic Methods     E02.190 = Complementary Therapies

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(mh:"Kinesiology, Applied" OR ti:(Kinesiology OR Kinesiologia OR Cinesiologia OR Quinesiologia OR Cinesiologie) OR ((mj:"/therapeutic use" OR mh:MT3.* OR mh:E02.190* OR ti:(treating OR treatment OR "clinical use" OR "medicinal use" OR "clinical application" OR therapy OR therapies OR therapeut* OR "therapeutic use" OR "uso terapeutico" OR terapia* OR terapeutic* OR tratamento*)) AND (Kinesiology OR Kinesiologia OR Cinesiologia OR Quinesiologia OR Cinesiologie)))

Search strategy II
Previous search strategy

iAHx search strategy
(MH:"Quinesiología Aplicada" OR Kinesiologia OR Kinesiology OR Cinésiologie OR Kinésiologie OR Cinesiología OR Quinesiología)

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