Interventions and health promotion in the school environment

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Study filter about interventions to promote the physical, mental and sexual health of students in the school environment

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School environment; Ambiente escolar; Escola; School; Alcohol abuse; alcoolismo; Saúde mental; Violencia; Mental health; Estudantes

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((ti:("alcohol abuse" OR "alcohol comsuption" OR "consumo de alcool" OR "consumo de alcohol" OR "tobacco use" OR ti:drug* OR ti:droga* OR "uso de drogas" OR "Transtornos Relacionados ao Uso de Substâncias" OR "Substance-Related Disorders" OR "Tobacco Use Disorder" OR "Consumo de Bebidas Alcoólicas" OR alcoolismo OR tabagismo OR cigarette OR cigarro OR Alcoholism OR Smoking OR "Alcohol Drinking")) OR (ti:("mental health" OR "saude mental" OR "salud mental" OR ((menta* OR comportament* OR psicolog*) (disorder* OR transtorn* OR disturb* OR Trastorn* OR problem*))) OR depression OR depresion OR depressao OR suicid* OR anxiety OR ansiedad*) OR (mj:violencia OR ti:violence OR ti:violencia OR agressao OR "physical aggression" OR bullying) OR ("Sexual and reproductive health" OR "sexuakity education program" OR "educacao sexual" OR "saude reprodutiva" OR "comportamento sexual" OR "gravidez na adolescencia")) AND (Prevent* OR prevenc* OR intervent* OR intervenc* OR prevent* OR prevenc* OR program* OR politica OR policy OR policies) AND ti:("school environment" OR "ambiente escolar" OR escola* OR School* OR escuela* OR student* OR estudiant* OR estudant*)

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Interventions and health promotion in the school environment

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Deleted:  Added: Promoção da Saúde, Saúde Pública

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