Identify the benefits, harms and cost-effectiveness of options to address the problem using health technology assessments

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Option of the second trail of the EVID@Easy tool that includes the search of information to identifying options (interventions) to address the problem of health

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Biomedical Technology Assessment, Health Technology Assessment, Technology Assessments , HTA, Avaliacao da Tecnologia Biomedica

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((mh:"Technology Assessment, Biomedical" OR (mh:"Biomedical Technology" AND assessment*) OR ("Biomedical Technology Assessments" OR "Biomedical Technology Assessment" OR "Health Technology Assessment" OR "Health Technology Assessments" OR "Technology Assessments" OR "Technology Assessment" OR "HTA" OR "Avaliacao da Tecnologia Biomedica" OR "Agencia de Avaliacao de Tecnologias em Saude" OR "Avaliacao das Tecnologias de Saude" OR "Avaliacao de Tecnologias de Saude" OR "Avaliacao de Tecnologias em Saude" OR "Avaliacao da Tecnologia" OR "Avaliacao de Tecnologia" OR "Avaliacao de Tecnologias" OR "Avaliacao Tecnologica" OR "Evaluacion de la Tecnologia Biomedica" OR "Evaluacion de Tecnologias de Salud" OR "Evaluacion Tecnologica")) AND ((effect* OR efeito* OR efetiv* OR eficac* OR effic* OR harms OR harm OR dano OR danos OR damage* OR benefit* OR beneficio* OR indication* OR intervention* OR enablers OR barrie* OR barreira* OR desafio* OR challeng* OR obstaculo* OR ti:facilitator* OR ti:facilidade* ) OR "Facilitators and barriers" OR "Facilitadores e barreiras" OR "Facilitadores y barreras"))

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