Teaching psychology in the New Corona Virus Pandemic

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Search strategy related to the theme education and teaching in the graduation of psychology courses in the context of the Pandemic of the new Coronavirus.

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Psicologia; Psychology; Psicología; Psychologie; Ensino da psicologia; psychology education; enseñanza de psicologia; Instituições Acadêmicas; Schools; Instituciones Académicas; Établissements scolaires; Universidades; Universities; Universidades; Universités; Pandemias; Pandemics; Pandemias, Pandémies; Infecções por Coronavirus; Coronavirus Infections; Infecciones por Coronavirus; Infections à coronavirus

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((ti:(Psicologia OR Psychology OR Psicología OR Psychologie) OR "Curso de Psicologia" OR "Ensino da psicologia" OR "psychology education" OR "enseñanza de psicologia" OR  "Educação de Graduação em Psicologia" OR mh:"Education, Psychology, Undergraduate" OR "Educación de Pregrado en Psicología" OR "Enseignement Psychologie premier cycle" OR mh:"Estudantes universitários, Psicologia" OR "College students of Psychology" OR "Estudiantes​universitarios de Psicología") AND ti:(Curriculo OR Curriculum OR Capacitação OR Capacitacion OR Training OR Educacao OR Education OR Educacion OR Enseignement OR Curso* OR graduac*)) AND (("Post COVID" OR "After COVID" OR "depois da COVID" OR "despues de COVID" OR "pos-COVID") OR (("after SARS" OR "post SARS" OR "pos SARS") da:202*) OR ((ti:(postpandemic* OR "post pandemic" OR "new era" OR "novo normal" OR "nova era" OR "pos pandemics" OR "post pandemics"))) OR (("2019-2020" OR 2019 OR da:202*) OR ("New Coronavirus" OR "Novel Coronavirus" OR "Nuevo Coronavirus" OR "Novo Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus disease" OR "Enfermedad por Coronavirus" OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2")) OR ((2019-ncov) OR (ncov 2019) OR (2019ncov) OR (covid19) OR (covid-19) OR (covid2019) OR (covid-2019) OR (covid 2019)) OR (srag-cov-2 OR sars-cov-2 OR sars2) OR (sars 2) OR (sars cov 2) OR (cov19 OR cov2019 OR Coronavirus*))

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