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Systematic review

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(((ti:"systematic review" OR ti:"revisao sistematica" OR ti:"revision sistematica" OR ti:"systematic literature review" OR ti:"systematic scoping review" OR ti:"systematic narrative review" OR ti:"systematic qualitative review" OR ti:"systematic evidence review" OR ti:"systematic quantitative review" OR ti:"systematic meta-review" OR ti:"systematic critical review" OR ti:"systematic mixed studies review" OR ti:"systematic mapping review" OR ti:"systematic cochrane review" OR ti:"systematic search and review" OR ti:"systematic integrative review" OR ab:"this systematic review" OR ab:"esta revisao sistematica" OR ab:"esta revision sistematica" OR ta:"Cochrane Database Syst Rev" OR pt:"systematic review") AND NOT (pt:comment OR pt:letter OR ti:(protocol OR protocols OR protocolo*))))

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Covid-19 Systematic reviews

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Deleted:  Added: COVID-19, Metodologia de Estudos em Saúde
Deleted:  Added: COVID-19, Metodologia de Estudos em Saúde

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