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Risk factors

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(mh:"Risk Factors" OR mh:risk OR mh:"Risk Assessment" OR mh:"Logistic Models" OR mh:"Modelos Estadísticos" OR "Factores de Riesgo" OR "Fatores de Risco" OR "Risk Factors" OR "Factor de Riesgo" OR "Fator de Risco" OR "Risk Factor" OR "Risk Assessment" OR "Medición de Riesgo" OR "Medição de Risco" OR "Logistic Models" OR "Modelos Logísticos" OR "Statistical models" OR "Modelos Estadísticos" OR "Modelos Estatísticos" OR ti:(risk* OR risco OR riesgo OR prevalenc* OR incidenc* OR predict* OR preditiv* OR associat*) OR ((risk* OR risco OR riesgo OR prevalenc* OR incidenc* OR predict* OR preditiv* OR associat*) AND ((mh:"Cohort studies" OR tw:"Cohort studies" OR tw:"Cohort Study" OR tw:"Estudo de coorte" OR tw:"Estudio de cohorte" OR mh:"Follow-up studies" OR tw:"Follow-up studies" OR tw:"Estudos de Follow-up" OR tw:"Estudios de Seguimiento" OR tw:"Estudios de Follow-up" OR mh:"Longitudinal studies" OR tw:"Longitudinal studies" OR tw:"Estudos Longitudinais" OR tw:"Estudios Longitudinales" OR tw:"Longitudinal Survey" OR tw:"Longitudinal Study" OR tw:"Longitudinal Surveys" OR mh:"Prospective studies" OR tw:"Prospective studies" OR tw:"Estudos Prospectivos" OR tw:"Estudios Prospectivos" OR tw:"Prospective Study" OR mh:"Retrospective studies" OR tw:"Retrospective Studies" OR tw:"Estudos Retrospectivos" OR tw:"Estudios Retrospectivos" OR tw:"Retrospective Study" OR ti:cohort* OR ti:coorte* OR ti:longitudina* OR ti:prospectiv* OR ti:retrospectiv* OR tw:"Estudos de Incidência" OR tw:"Estudios de Concurrencia" OR tw:"Estudios de Incidencia" OR tw:"Incidence Studies" OR tw:"Incidence Study" OR tw:"Concurrent Studies" OR tw:"Concurrent Study") OR (mh:"Case-Control Studies" OR tw:"Case-Control Studies" OR tw:"Case Control Studies" OR tw:"Case-Control Study" OR tw:"Case Control Study" OR tw:"Case-Comparison Studies" OR tw:"Case Comparison Studies" OR tw:"Case-Comparison Study" OR tw:"Estudios de comparacion de casos" OR tw:"Estudio de comparación de casos" OR tw:"Estudos de Casos e Controles" OR tw:"Estudo de caso-controle" OR tw:"Estudios de Casos y Controles Combinados") OR (mh:"Estudos Transversais" OR tw:"Estudios Transversales" OR tw:"Cross-Sectional Studies" OR tw:"Estudos Transversais" OR tw:"Estudos de Prevalência" OR tw:"Estudos de Corte Transversal" OR tw:"Estudos Seccionais" OR tw:"Análise Transversal" OR tw:"Estudios de Prevalencia" OR tw:"Estudios de Corte Transversal" OR tw:"Estudios Seccionales" OR tw:"Cross Sectional Analysis" OR tw:"Cross-Sectional Survey" OR tw:"Cross Sectional Analyses" OR tw:"Cross Sectional Studies" OR tw:"Cross Sectional Survey" OR tw:"Cross-Sectional Analyses" OR tw:"Cross-Sectional Analysis" OR tw:"Cross-Sectional Study" OR tw:"Cross-Sectional Surveys" OR tw:"Prevalence Study" OR tw:"Prevalence Studies" OR tw:"Sectional Studies" OR ti:"cross-sectional" OR ti:"Cross Sectional" OR ti:"transversal study" OR tw:"Inquéritos Populacionais" OR tw:"encuestas poblacionales" OR tw:"population surveys" OR mh:Prevalência OR ti:Prevalência OR ab:Prevalência OR ti:Prevalence OR ab:Prevalence))))

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Covid-19 Risk factors

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Deleted:  Added: COVID-19, Metodologia de Estudos em Saúde

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