COVID-19 – Tuberculosis

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Thematic filter about Tuberculosis in the Coronavírus-COVID-19 pandemic

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SRAG-CoV-2, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Betacoronavirus, Coronavirus infections, 2019-nCoV, Novel coronavirus, Tuberculose, tuberculosis

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Wuhan, Pandemia

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(((("2019-2020" OR 2019 OR da:202*) ("New Coronavirus" OR "Novel Coronavirus" OR "Nuevo Coronavirus" OR "Novo Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus disease" OR "Enfermedad por Coronavirus" OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2")) OR ((2019-ncov) OR (ncov 2019) OR 2019ncov OR covid19 OR (covid-19) OR covid2019 OR (covid-2019) OR (covid 2019)) OR ((srag-cov-2 OR sars-cov-2 OR sars2 OR (sars 2) OR (sars cov 2) OR cov19 OR cov2019 OR Coronavirus* OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infections" OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infection" OR "Coronavirus 2" OR "acute respiratory disease" OR mh:Betacoronavirus OR mh:"Coronavirus infections" OR mh:"sars virus") AND (tw:2019 OR da:202*) AND NOT da:201*) OR (Wuhan market virus) OR (virus mercado Wuhan) OR "Wuhan Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus de Wuhan") AND NOT (ti:dromedar*)) AND (mh:"Latent Tuberculosis" OR mh:Tuberculosis OR mh: "Tuberculosis, Miliary" OR mh: "Tuberculosis, Multidrug-Resistant" OR mh:"Mycobacterium tuberculosis" OR tw:(tubercul* OR "Mycobacterium tuberculosis" OR "Tuberculose Miliar" OR "Tuberculose Latente" OR "Tuberculose Resistente a Múltiplos Medicamentos"))

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(coronavirus[mh] OR coronavirus infections[mh] OR "betacoronavirus"[mh] OR "betacoronavirus 1"[mh] OR Coronavirus*[tiab] OR “Coronavirus Infection”[tiab] OR "COVID-19"[tiab] OR “Coronavirus Infection Disease 2019”[tiab] OR “2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection”[tiab] OR “2019-nCoV Infection”[tiab] OR “2019 nCoV Infection”[tiab] OR “2019-nCoV Infections”[tiab] OR Betacoronavirus*[tiab] OR “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia”[tiab] OR “2019 novel coronavirus"[tiab] OR “coronavirus disease 2019”[tiab] OR “nCoV”[tiab] OR covid*[tiab]) AND (("Latent Tuberculosis"[Mesh]) OR tubercul*{tiab] OR (Mycobacterium[tiab] AND Tubercul*[tiab]) OR BK[tiab] OR "bacilo de koch"[tiab] OR TB[tiab] OR Tuberculosis[mh] OR Tuberculosis, Miliary[mh]OR Tuberculosis, Multidrug-Resistant[mh] OR "Mycobacterium tuberculosis"[mh] OR MTB[tiab]))

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COVID-19 – Tuberculosis

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