COVID-19 – Transmission and Diagnosis

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Thematic filter on transmission and diagnosis of Coronavírus-COVID-19 for Window of Knowledge

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((mh:"Transmissão de Doença Infecciosa" OR ti:(contagio* OR transmission OR transmision OR transmissao OR transmit* OR transmissiv* OR transmisib* OR communicable OR transmitid* OR transmitt*) OR sh:transmissao OR ("Infectious Disease Transmission" OR "Transmisión de Enfermedad Infecciosa" OR "Transmissão de Doença Infecciosa" OR "Transmissão Autóctone" OR "Transmissão Horizontal de Doença" OR "Transmissão Horizontal de Doença Infecciosa" OR "Transmissão Horizontal de Infecção" OR "Transmissão Horizontal de Patógeno" OR "Vertical Pathogen Transmission" OR "Vertical Transmission of Infectious Disease" OR "Vertical Infection Transmission" OR "Vertical Infectious Disease Transmission" OR "Maternal-Fetal Infection Transmission" OR"Infection Transmission Maternal Fetal" OR "Fetomaternal Infection Transmission" OR "Mother-to-Child Transmission" OR "Mother to Child Transmission" OR "Mother-to-Child Transmissions" OR "Transmission Mother-to-Child" OR "Transmissions Mother-to-Child" OR "Vertical Infectious Disease Transmission" OR "Transmisión Vertical de Enfermedad Infecciosa" OR "Transmissão Vertical de Doença Infecciosa" OR "Transmissão Perinatal" OR "Transmissão Vertical" OR "Transmissão da Mãe para Feto" OR "Transmissão da Mãe para a Criança" OR "Transmissão da Mãe para o Filho" OR "Transmissão da Mãe para o Recém-Nascido" OR "Transmissão de Mãe para Filho" OR "Transmissão de Mãe para o Filho" OR "Vertical Pathogen Transmission" OR "Vertical Transmission of Infectious Disease" OR "Vertical Infection Transmission" OR "Vertical Infectious Disease Transmission") OR (mh:Diagnosis OR mh:"Molecular Diagnostic Techniques" OR mh:"Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures" OR mh:"Diagnostic Tests, Routine" OR mh:"Diagnostic Imaging" OR mh:"Diagnostic Errors" OR mh:"Diagnostic Techniques, Respiratory System" OR mh:"Diagnostic Screening Programs" OR mh:"Mass Screening" OR ti:(diagnos* OR detection OR sinais OR signs OR sinal OR sintoma* OR screening OR symptom* OR finding* OR identifica* OR suspeita* OR Detecção OR Rastreio OR rastreamento OR sintomas OR triagem) OR sh:diagnostico OR "historia natural del virus" OR "transmisión y diagnóstico" OR "Virus natural history" OR "transmission and diagnostics" OR "história natural do virus" OR "transmissão e diagnóstico" OR "Identificación rápida" OR "Identificacao rápida" OR "case detection" OR "identificacao de casos" OR "Diagnoses and Examinations" OR "Examinations and Diagnoses" OR "Postmortem Diagnosis" OR "Postmortem Diagnoses" OR "Antemortem Diagnosis" OR "Antemortem Diagnoses")) AND da:202*) AND (((("2019-2020" OR 2019 OR da:202*) ("New Coronavirus" OR "Novel Coronavirus" OR "Nuevo Coronavirus" OR "Novo Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus disease" OR "Enfermedad por Coronavirus" OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2")) OR ((2019-ncov) OR (ncov 2019) OR 2019ncov OR covid19 OR (covid-19) OR covid2019 OR (covid-2019) OR (covid 2019)) OR ((srag-cov-2 OR sars-cov-2 OR sars2 OR (sars 2) OR (sars cov 2) OR cov19 OR cov2019 OR Coronavirus* OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infections" OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infection" OR "Coronavirus 2" OR "acute respiratory disease" OR mh:Betacoronavirus OR mh:"Coronavirus infections" OR mh:"sars virus") AND (tw:2019 OR da:202*) AND NOT da:201*) OR (Wuhan market virus) OR (virus mercado Wuhan) OR "Wuhan Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus de Wuhan") AND NOT (ti:dromedar*))

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((Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2[Supplementary Concept] OR COVID-19[Supplementary Concept] OR Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2[tiab] OR Coronavirus Disease 2019[tiab] OR 2019 Novel Coronavirus[tiab] OR Wuhan Coronavirus[tiab] OR COVID-19[tiab] OR SARS-CoV-2[tiab] OR 2019-nCoV[tiab]) AND (Diagnosis[mh] OR Molecular Diagnostic Techniques[mh] OR Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures[mh] OR Diagnostic Tests, Routine[mh] OR Diagnostic Imaging[mh] OR Diagnostic Errors[mh] OR Diagnostic Techniques, Respiratory System[mh] OR Diagnos*[tiab] OR Detection[tiab] OR Mass Screening[mh] OR Screening[tiab] OR Diagnostic Screening Programs[mh] OR COVID-19 diagnostic testing [Supplementary Concept]))

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COVID-19 – Transmission and Diagnosis

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