Consider ethical aspects for implementing options (interventions)

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Option of the third trail of the EVID@Easy tool that includes the search of information to the implementation of the options (interventions)

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Bioethics, etica medica, medical ethics, code of ethics, codigo de etica, Institutional Ethics, Etica Institutional

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((mh:N05.350* OR mh:Bioethics OR "etica medica" OR "medical ethics" OR "code of ethics" OR "codes of ethics" OR "codigo de etica" OR "codigos de etica" OR "Institutional Ethics" OR "Etica Institutional" OR ti:etic* OR ti:ethic* OR ti:bioetic* OR ti:bioethic*) AND (mh:"Implementation Science" OR mh:"Health Plan Implementation" OR mh:"Treatment Adherence and Compliance" OR mh:"Feasibility Studies" OR mh:"Outcome and Process Assessment" OR "Implementation Science" OR "Ciencia da Implementação" OR "Ciencia de la Implementacion" OR "Ciencia de Implementação" OR Implementat* OR implementac* OR acceptance OR utilization OR acceptances OR acceptability OR adherence OR compliance OR penetration OR fidelity OR efficiency OR aceptacion* OR utilizacion OR aceptabilidad OR adherencia OR penetracion OR fidelidad* OR aceitação OR utilização OR aceitação OR adesao OR conformidad* OR penetracao OR adocao OR adopt* OR practicability OR feasibility OR feasible OR "scaling up" OR barrier* OR uptake OR practicabilidad OR viabilidad* OR factible OR ampliacion OR institucional* OR barrera* OR aceptacion OR praticabilidade OR barreira* OR incorporacao))

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Consider ethical aspects for implementing options (interventions)

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Deleted: Rascunho automático Added: Considerar aspectos éticos para implementação das opções (intervenções)
Deleted: Rascunho automático Added: Considerar aspectos éticos para la implementación de las opciones (intervenciones)
Deleted: Rascunho automático Added: Consider ethical aspects for implementing options (interventions)
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Deleted:  Added: EVID@Easy
Deleted:  Added: EVID@Easy

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