Bibliometric analysis of biomedical research in COVID-19

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((mh:"indicadores bibliotemetricos" OR mh:"indicadores de producao cientifica" OR mh:"fator de impacto" OR mh:bibliometria OR mh:"fator de impacto de revistas") OR ((ti:bibliometri* OR ti:cienciometria OR ti:infometria OR (ti:fator and ti:impacto) OR (ti:factor and ti:impacto) OR (ti:impact and ti:factor)) OR (tw:webmetria OR webmetrycs OR cibermetria OR cybermetrycs OR altmetria OR altmetrycs) AND (ti:revista* or ti:journal*))) AND (((ti:(Pesquisa OR investigac* OR research*) OR ("Biomedical Research" OR "Investigación Biomédica" OR "Pesquisa Biomédica" OR "Pesquisa Médica" OR "Biomedical Research" OR "Medical Research" OR "Experimental Medicine" OR "Medicine Experimental" OR "Investigational Medicine" OR "Medicine Investigational" OR "Investigative Medicine" OR "Medicine Investigative") OR mj:H01.770.644* OR mj:("Pharmaceutical Preparations" OR "Drogas en Investigación") OR "Ethical considerations for research" OR "Considerações éticas para pesquisa" OR "etica em pesquisa" OR "Research Ethics" OR "etica en la investigación" OR (ti:(Vaccin* OR vacuna* OR vacina* OR tratamento* OR Treatment* OR therapeutic* OR terapia OR drug OR drugs OR medicament*) (Development OR desenvolvimento OR desarrolo OR Pesquisa OR investigac* OR research*)) OR ((Development OR desenvolvimento OR desarrolo) (Pesquisa OR investigac* OR research*)) OR (((virus AND (serotype* OR sorotip*)) OR mh:"epidemiologia molecular" OR (epidemiolog* AND molecular) OR mh:D13.444.308* OR mutation OR mutacao OR mutacion OR cells OR celulas OR celula OR genotyp* OR genotip* OR genes OR mh:"Estudos Soroepidemiologicos" OR ((seroepidemiologic* OR soroepidemiologic*) AND (studies OR estud*)) OR seroprevalence OR soroprevanlenc* OR "sero-epidemiologic" OR "soro-epidemiologico" OR morphogenesis OR ((flagellum OR flagellar) AND (distribution OR motility)) OR ti:microbiolog* OR sh:microbiologia OR ti:mycobacteria* OR ti:micobacteria* OR sh:fisiopatologia) OR ("in vitro" OR ivt mh:"In Vitro Techniques"))) AND da:202*) (((("2019-2020" OR 2019 OR da:202*) ("New Coronavirus" OR "Novel Coronavirus" OR "Nuevo Coronavirus" OR "Novo Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus disease" OR "Enfermedad por Coronavirus" OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2" OR "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome" OR MERS OR "Infecções por Coronavirus" OR "Síndrome Respiratória do Oriente Médio" OR "Infecciones por Coronavirus" OR "Síndrome Respiratório de Oriente Medio" OR Betacoronavirus OR "beta coronavirus" OR Betacoronaviruses OR "Tylonycteris bat coronavirus HKU4" OR "Pipistrellus bat coronavirus HKU5" OR "Human coronavirus HKU1" OR HCoV-HKU1 OR "Rousettus bat coronavirus HKU9" OR "Coronavirus HKU1 Humano" OR "Coronavirus HKU4 de Morcegos Tylonycteris" OR "Coronavirus HKU9 de Morcegos Rousettus" OR "Coronavirus de Morcegos Pipistrellus" OR "Coronavirus HKU4 del Murciélago Tylonycteris" OR "Coronavirus HKU9 del Murciélago Rousettus" OR "Coronavirus del Murciélago Pipistrellus")) OR ((2019-ncov) OR (ncov 2019) OR 2019ncov OR covid19 OR (covid-19) OR covid2019 OR (covid-2019) OR (covid 2019)) OR ((srag-cov-2 OR sars-cov-2 OR sars2 OR (sars 2) OR (sars cov 2) OR cov19 OR cov2019 OR Coronavirus* OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infections" OR "Severe Acute Respiratory Infection" OR "Coronavirus 2" OR "acute respiratory disease" OR mh:Betacoronavirus OR mh:"Coronavirus infections" OR mh:"sars virus") AND (tw:2019 OR da:202*) AND NOT da:201*) OR (Wuhan market virus) OR (virus mercado Wuhan) OR "Wuhan Coronavirus" OR "Coronavirus de Wuhan") AND NOT (ti:dromedar*)))

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Bibliometric analysis of biomedical research in COVID-19

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