Formerly known as People Living With Cancer (PLWC), it’s the website from American Society of Clinical Oncology to patients and their families. It brings information about cancer in general and its types, how to diagnose, treat and cope with it, stories from survivors, news and events, other resources (like podcast, illustration, dictionaries, articles and bulletin) and texts in Spanish.

Originador(es): American Society of Clinical Oncology - ASCO
Recurso adicionado em: 10/03/2008
Objetivo: To provide timely, oncologist-approved information to help patients and families make informed health-care decisions.
Idiomas disponíveis: Inglês
Neoplasias, Neoplasias/classificação, Neoplasias/prevenção & controle, Neoplasias/diagnóstico, Neoplasias/terapia, Neoplasias/psicologia, Neoplasias/reabilitação, Fatores de Risco, Neoplasias por Localização, Leucemia, Linfoma, Síndromes Neoplásicas Hereditárias, Patient Education, Clinical Trials, aarcoma
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