Sarcoma Alliance

The Alliance is creating a peer-to-peer webpage and a \"biographies\" page to allow patients and their loved ones to share their experiences with others dealing with the same diagnosis. All services are provided free of charge. As sarcoma survivors, they can help guide you and your loved ones through the complex maze of medical providers, treatment options, and information sources available to you. Brings publications and websites for further study, and helps to get plugged into the various support networks already established for adults with sarcoma.

Creador(es): Sarcoma Alliance
Recursos añadido en: 16/12/2002
Objetivo: The mission of The Sarcoma Alliance is to guide, educate and support adults with sarcomas and their family, friends, and caregivers.
Idiomas disponibles: Inglés
Sociedades Científicas, Oncología Médica, Grupos de Investigación, Sarcoma, Liposarcoma, Histiocitoma Fibroso Benigno, Rabdomiosarcoma, Leiomiosarcoma, Mixoma, Mesenquimoma, Neurilemoma, Sarcoma de Kaposi, Osteosarcoma, Fundaciones, Apoyo Social, Voluntarios, Investigación, Terapias Complementarias, Grupos de Autoayuda, Neoplasmas óseos
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