Tomato production in Brazil: Poor working conditions concerns and high residues threaten safety

A study of pesticide use on tomatoes in the Northern State of Pernambuco, Brazil, indicates high exposure to pesticide workers and poor application methods which threaten the ecology of the area. This document is the report of the findings which show high levels of banned pesticide residues in many tomato samples. The site also provides links to other projects and information from the Pesticide Action Network.

Author(s): Araujo, Adelia, Augusto, Lia Originator(s): Pesticide Action Network UK
Resource added in: 15/02/2002
Available languages: English
Agriculture, Rural Workers, Pesticide Exposure, Pesticide Residues, Occupational Health, Workplace, Working Environment, Working Conditions, Toxicology, Occupational risk, Occupational toxicology
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