National Cancer Center

The services of the National Cancer Center are: subsidization of cancer research grants, planning and implementation of trainingcancer registry, library service. The hospital leads clinical oncology in Japan by providing educational and training programs for physicians and other medical specialists; clinical research is an important function of the hospital; research to create new modalities in diagnosis, surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy is continuously being carried out.

Originator(s): National Cancer Center
Resource added in: 17/10/2002
Objective: Objectives: Treat every kind of cancer patient in a multidisciplinary way. Train medical and comedical staff in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Research Institute: starting from clinical research and gradually advance to basic research
Available languages: English
Optic Nerve Glioma, Drug Therapy, Radiotherapy, General Surgery, Recurrence, Classification, Pediatrics, Child, Adolescent, Ultrasonography, Mastoid, Lymphatic Vessel Tumors, Heart, Radiography, Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Research, Genome, Neoplasms, Epidemiology, Therapeutics, Diagnosis, Neoplasmas Hipotalámicos, Estadificación de Neoplasmas, recurrencia local del neoplasma, Neoplasmas de la mama, Neoplasmas pulmonares, Neoplasmas del mediastino, Neoplasmas pleurales, Neoplasmas de cabeza y cuello, Neoplasmas nasales, Neoplasmas gastrointestinales, Neoplasmas de la médula espinal, Neoplasmas urogenitales, Prevención, Metástasis del neoplasma
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