American Brain Tumor Association

It's a complete source for information about brain tumors, treatment options, clinical trials and living with a brain tumor. Also have a broad variety of social work resources and services.

Originator(s): ABTA
Resource added in: 19/09/2002
Objective: The American Brain Tumor Association exists to eliminate brain tumors through research and to meet the needs of patients and families.
Available languages: English
Drug Therapy, Radiotherapy, General Surgery, Recurrence, Classification, Neuroma, Acoustic, Neurilemmoma, Astrocytoma, Glioblastoma, Rhabdoid Tumor, Chondroma, Chondrosarcoma, Chordoma, Papilloma, Choroid Plexus, Craniopharyngioma, Arachnoid Cysts, Ependymoma, Ganglioneuroma, Ganglioglioma, Glioma, Paraganglioma, Hemangioblastoma, Lipoma, Medulloblastoma, Meningioma, Neurocytoma, Neurofibromatoses, Lymphoma, Neuroblastoma, Oligodendroglioma, Pinealoma, Neuroectodermal Tumors, Primitive, Neurilemmoma, Teratoma, Toxoplasmosis, Tuberous Sclerosis, Societies, Medical, Child, Adolescent, Adult, Aged, Social Support, Neoplasmas Pancreáticos, Estadificación de Neoplasmas, recurrencia local del neoplasma, Neoplasmas del sistema nervioso, Neoplasmas del plexo coroideo, Neoplasmas neuroepiteliales, Neoplasmas cerebrales, Neoplasmas pituitarios, Neoplasmas de la base del cráneo, Neoplasmas de la médula espinal, Educación del paciente
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