Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Pets in North Carolina

This site is an online version of NC ARS Bulletin No. 414 (revised) by J.W. Hardin and C.F. Brownie. It was developed through a collaboration between researchers and programmers from the Herbarium of the Department of Botany, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Academic and Administrative Technology group (CAAT), the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the NC Agricultural Research Service. The original text of Hardin and Brownie's work has been kept in its entirety. In places, it has been somewhat re-arranged to fit an online format. We offer the online version to increase availability of this important work and to facilitate its use (e.g., through hyperlinking of glossary terms, etc.). In order to keep the manual current, information will be updated from time to time and new species added when appropriate.

Originator(s): North Caroline State University - NCSU
Resource added in: 19/10/2010
Available languages: English
Veterinary Medicine, Toxicology, Poisons
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