The state of the humanitarian system: assessing performance and progress: a pilot study

Publication which provides a system-level mapping and assessment of international humanitarian assistance by: defining key criteria for assessing system performance and progress, assessing the system’s performance over the past two years against these criteria, presenting new, previously unavailable descriptive statistics, and highlighting some new initiatives in policy and practice. Available in pdf format; 72 pages.

Author(s): Harvey, Paul, Stoddard, Abby, Harmer, Adele, Taylor, Glyn, DiDomenico, Victoria, Brander, Lauren Originator(s): Overseas Development Institute - ODI. Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action - ALNAP
Resource added in: 11/03/2010
Available languages: English
International Agencies/organization & administration, Global Health, International Cooperation, 34009
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