What is EVID@Easy?

EVID@Easy is a guided evidence search tool in the VHL.

Making health decisions informed by scientific evidence is a complex process that includes searching, selecting, assessing, and integrating the best available evidence for certain health conditions and contexts.

EVID@Easy offers the trails to locate the scientific evidence available in the VHL according to the stage of the decision-making process:

  • Understanding the health problem
  • Identifying and selecting options to face the problem
  • Analyzing aspects and considerations for implementing options
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of the (decision) implementation

How does EVID@Easy work?

EVID@Easy uses pre-designed search strategies according to the types of studies that provide the best answer on each phase of the health decision-making process on priority themes and those related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG3).

All EVID@Easy search strategies were developed by librarians specialized in bibliographic search it the VHL and validated by professionals specialized in formulating evidence-informed health policies.

The themes that are already “trailed” in EVID@Easy reflect some health priorities that has been established by the Sustainable Development Goals. The EVID@Easy collection will be updated regularly with new priority topics. Just to start!

EVID@Easy is effortless to use! The user simply selects a track of interest and the options until reaching a search result in the VHL.

Try EVID@Easy right now! Just choose a trail and move on to find the best scientific evidences available in the VHL.

In which databases does EVID@Easy search?

EVID@Easy works with all databases from the Regional VHL: