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38º Congresso Brasileiro de Pediatria

Fortaleza - Brazil
Date: 10/10/2017 - 14/10/2017

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Pediatrics, Health

43rd Annual Meeting of The American Pediatric Surgical Associaion (APSA 2012)

San Antonio - United States
Date: 20/05/2012 - 23/05/2012

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Pediatrics, Child, Health, Pediatrics

The 2nd Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics & Child Health

Moscou - Belarus
Date: 17/05/2012 - 20/05/2012

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Pediatrics, Child Health, Health, Medicine

9th PAPSA Biennial Conference - Pan-African Paediatric Surgeons Association Conference

Cape Town - South Africa
Date: 18/03/2012 - 21/03/2012

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Health, Medicine, Pediatrics, Health, Medicine, Pediatrics

IPEG’s 21th Annual Congress for Endosurgery in Children

San Diego - United States
Date: 06/03/2012 - 10/03/2012

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Health, Medicine, Pediatrics, Cirurgia pediátrica

International Online Medical Conference 2009 (IOMC 2009)

- United States
Date: 14/03/2009 - 15/03/2009

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Medicine, Health, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Public Health, Neurology, 50230, Immunologia