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19th World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) = 19º Congresso Internacional de Gerontologia e Geriatria (IAGG)

Paris/França - France
Date: 05/07/2009 - 09/07/2009

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Medicine, Aging, Aged, Health of the Elderly, Homes for the Aged, Old Age Assistance, Health Services for the Aged, Aged Rights, Housing for the Elderly, Frail Elderly, Elder Abuse, Geriatrics, Chronic Disease, Nursing, Neoplasms, Memory, Memory Disorders, Dementia, Alzheimer Disease, Osteoporosis, Rehabilitation, Policy Making, 50207, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cardiology, Heart, Hypertension, Longevity, Retirement, Pensions, Economics, Demography, Behavioral Medicine, Life Style, Exercise, Physical Fitness, Physical Education and Training, Nursing Care, Genetic Research, Stem Cells, Body Weight, Metabolism, Obesity, Nutritional Physiological Phenomena, Nutrition for Vulnerable Groups, Dietary Fats, Feeding Behavior, Women's Health, Diabetes Mellitus, Quality of Life, "Gerontologia e Geriatria", Estresse

63º Congresso Brasileiro de Cardiologia - 21º Fórum de Enfermagem em Cardiologia - 13º Fórum de Nutrição em Cardiologia - 21º Fórum de Psicologia em Cardiologia e 11º Fórum de Fisioterapia em Cardiologia

Curitiba/PR - Brazil
Date: 06/09/2008 - 10/09/2008

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Public Health, Delivery of Health Care, Health Services, Public Health Nursing, 52503, Psychology, Medical, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart Diseases, Vascular Diseases, Diagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular, Diagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular, Hematology, Hematologic Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Pharmaceutical Services, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures, Women's Health, Immunologic Techniques, Immunotherapy, Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Metabolism, Health of the Elderly, Health Sciences, Biomedical Research, Therapies, Investigational, Rheumatic Diseases, Physical Education and Training, Exercise Movement Techniques, Exercise Therapy, Communicable Diseases, Physical Therapy Modalities, Occupational Therapy, "Cardiologia";, "Enfermagem em Cardiologia";, "Nutrição em Cardiologia";, "Psicologia em Cardiologia";, "Fisioterapia em Cardiologia", agemImagemImagemImagem, Controle de Endemias, Saúde da Criança e do Adolescente