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World Health Day 2018 – Universal health: everyone, everywhere

Universal Health logoUniversal health is about ensuring that all people and communities have access to health services without discrimination of any kind and without suffering financial hardship. It covers the full range of health services, including health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care, all of which should be of sufficient quality, comprehensive, safe, effective, and affordable for all.


Universal health is not just about ensuring everyone is covered, but that everyone has access to care when they need it, wherever they are.


As an expression of Health for All in the 21st century, universal health requires the involvement of all sectors of society in order to combat poverty, social injustice, educational gaps, and poor living conditions, among other factors that influence people’s health.


The main goal of the World Health Day 2018 campaign is to increase awareness of the need for universal health coverage and access, and the benefits that this can bring.


#UniversalHealth    #Healthforall    #AlmaAta40    #AA40


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