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Pathological dislocation of the dorsal spine following granulocytic sarcoma in a non-leukaemic patient.

Amritanand R; Venkatesh K; Premkumar AJ; Sundararaj GD.
Eur Spine J; 19 Suppl 2: S114-7, 2010 Jul.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-19688354


We describe a previously healthy, non-leukaemic young male presenting with neurological deficit and a pathological dislocation of D8 over D9 vertebra. The magnetic resonance imaging showed an enhancing soft tissue tumour. His basic laboratory workup as well as a bone marrow biopsy was normal. Through a single midline posterior approach, he underwent a decompressive laminectomy of D8 and D9 vertebra, anterior column reconstruction with a meshed titanium cage and posterior pedicle screw instrumentation. The histological diagnosis of granulocytic sarcoma was confirmed by appropriate immuno-histochemical studies. He received postoperative radiotherapy following which his wound dehiscesed and the tumour fungated and spread to his left thigh. He declined chemotherapy and unfortunately expired 9 months later. This case is presented to draw attention to the unusual presentation and to stress that granulocytic sarcoma should be kept in mind when making the differential diagnosis in patients with signs of spinal cord compression even in non-leukaemic individuals.